The Inaction of Mental Indolence vs. Dynamic Action that Leads to Spiritual Strength

Mindlessly Living in the Five Senses

A Person On Their Phone Living Mindlessly

We are born into the world as human animals. The spirit, however, is continuously beckoning us to rise above the animal level, throughout our short life spans in material animal form.

Any path in life we consciously choose or choose by default (failure to make a conscious choice), can be the result of mental indolence and inaction–human-animal laziness.

The person who is enslaved to a religious belief system, forsaking all the things of this world, maybe as mentally indolent and nonspiritual, as the person who accumulates an obscene amount of material things, through wealth, greed, and power.

The person who exercises can be just as mentally indolent as the person who is obese. Someone who works hard for a living may be as mentally indolent as the person who is unwilling to work and is dependent on welfare.

Dynamic action is intended to mean something more than this. Dynamic action that leads to spiritual intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge, counsel, worship, and wisdom, becomes manifest in a life of devotion to discovering the values within oneself, first, and subsequently, in the lives of our fellow kind. This is the dynamic action that eventuates in moderation and charm–spiritual strength.

Dynamic Action Leading To to spiritual intuition

With regard to mindlessly living in the fives senses, the point that really matters is this: the majority of us largely spend the whole of our lives, living and lost in our five senses.

  • lost in the sense of smell
  • lost in the sense of taste
  • lost in the sense of hearing
  • lost in the sense of sight
  • lost in the sense of touch

If you were to, let alone honestly answer this question for yourself, ask many others around you “do you think that sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch are human traits?” what do you think the answer would be?

What if you were to expand the question into “do you think the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch are human-animal traits?” What, then, do you think the answer would be?

Let’s modify the question to “do you think the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch in humans, are the same five senses world that animals live in?” Now, what do you think the response would be?

When you are living in the five senses, wherein everything you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch is the sum total of your reality, do you think you are deluded–living a wholly illusory existence? What do you think the typical response would be?

This state of living in the five senses, I call the “victim mentality state, the ‘broken record’ syndrome, wherein the individual keeps repeating the same mistakes made in the past, in an endless loop.


The Victim Mentality vs. the Dynamic Love-in-action Connection

Person Living In The Victim State



Follow Along Transcript of We Are Genius

“If you hold anger, guess what comes to you? –A lot of very angry people do. I certainly know that to be true.

Whenever I observe my own life and the lives of others, it’s very obvious what they’re putting out in their state of being is creating their physical life. There’s nothing more debilitating, controlling, and limiting than the victim mentality.

We’re encouraged by this manipulation, throughout our lives, to see ourselves as victims, to blame someone else. Or ‘I’m a victim. I’m in this situation, because of A,B,C,D.’ On it goes. And when we’re in that state, we’re gonna stay in that state, ’cause when you think you’re a victim, the victim vibe goes out, the victim circumstance goes in.

When you say ‘hey! I’m not a victim! I’m in control of my life! I’ve created these circumstances I don’t like. Therefore I can create circumstances I do (like). At that point, the victim mentality is gone. Victim circumstances stop being attracted.

And suddenly, people come into your life, who are just the people you need, to get you out of the circumstances you don’t like. And if you don’t realize what’s happening, as most of us don’t at the time, we say ‘Oh, my God, mate! I was so lucky! This fellow came into my life, at just the right time. This person…I couldn’t believe it!’ Amazing luck? No.

You pull them in because your state of being had changed. And you synced with what you needed to get out of that situation. We are so in control of our destiny. It is unbelievable.

And yet, billions are persuaded they are not, for they create a very different reality. So, if we’re in fear, we can attract a reflection of fear. But when we emit love, we create very different energy. Therefore we create a very different reality. It’s just a choice. Everything is just a choice.

I keep hearing people say ‘oh, I have no choice, mate. I had to do it.’ We never have ‘no choice.’ We have choices we like to make. We have choices we’d rather not make. But we never have ‘any choice.’ It’s a copout.

And some people find it very difficult to take this on. Because it’s much easier, in their own mind, to blame someone for what happens in our lives. Much more of a challenge to say ‘hey, I created this. I’m responsible for it.’ But when you do, you stop creating what you don’t like. And you start creating what you do.

And this love connection is the key to removing this manipulation, and taking humanity on to another level of existence, another level of consciousness, which is what’s happening to so many people, in this period we are going through, now.

What Action Achieves Strength? What Moderation Achieves Charm?

And I believe the answer to these questions is this:

Every positive action, taken as a result of the courage to make a moral decision, achieves strength.

And what is the strength it achieves? What strength of character is more important than the courage to forgive and to love?

So, friend, does not forgiveness and the courageous demonstration of love toward our fellow human beings, lead to recognizing the personality and character of the Universe Father? And ultimately, does not the consistent forgiveness and love of our fellow beings, lead to the same personality and character, which Jesus of Nazareth manifested to all, while he was alive, as a mortal of the realm?

In the superb character of Jesus of Nazareth, we see a very open-minded, tolerant, moderate, and charming person, who declared himself to be a Son of God manifest in mortal form. His consistent forgiveness, spiritual love, never-ending patience, and long-suffering tolerance, are the pattern of perfection, toward which, every mortal son and daughter of the Universe Father can strive, during a single lifetime.

What moderation? Moderation in all things pertaining to life, our decisions, our wants, our desires, and our needs. It is the avoiding of excesses, in all things, coupled with the courage to transcend our selfishness, in order to embrace a loving and kind attitude toward our own self and imperfect being, and subsequently, manifesting a loving and kind attitude toward all others, which eventuates in a truly charming personality.