Cleverness vs. True Character

The Primary Tone of Intuition

When the human brain makes contact with this primary tone, it stimulates the response of quick judgment and quick reasoning which leads to the breakthrough realization that there is a God afar off beyond the skies.

This spiritual response in the developing human brain through the overlaying mind, may also lead to the gradual or sudden realization that while this God is far distant from us in our human form, He is also the closest to us, because he has sent a portion of His spirit to indwell the human mind as the Thought Adjuster. These two realizations complete the circle, creating both an external and internal spiritual focal point, which are one and the same.

Primary Tone Of Intuition

The Sub-tones within the Primary Tone

We further learned that this primary tone of intuition also has four subtones, the first of which is:

1. The development of specialized skills vs. the capacity for spiritual receptivity.

2. Cleverness vs. true character.

When we begin our lives, we are wholly living within the very small realm of the five senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. As our neurons begin to be rewired by the mind that overlays it, we learn to interpret and decipher this material realm of the five senses, according to the rules of human language. We are taught to give a name and classification to everything that we encounter, e.g., food–good (satisfying–happy), hot-bad (don’t touch).

Out of this development of language and experiences of the five senses, we begin to learn the most basic skills of taking baby steps, walking, running, riding a bicycle, use of utensils, bouncing a ball, catching a ball, etc. And as we learn how to manipulate materials, we also learn how to manipulate those closest to us by crying, anger, shouting, demanding, grabbing, hiding things from others, refusing to share, and hiding behind thoughts and their accompanying emotions–feelings.

The Age of Moral Decision-making

It is only when we reach an age, usually around four to seven, or even later, that we may begin to respond to this primary tone of intuition so strongly that it leads to conflicts and a gradual or sudden crisis in the mind, where we begin to self-reflect upon our negative behavior towards others in the immediate family and or social environment. When this self-reflecting leads to making a choice or decision to be a better person (choosing to treat others as we want to be treated) the Universe Father who dwells on Paradise immediately dispatches a fragment of his spirit to indwell that mortal mind as the Thought Adjuster.

Until the individual makes this choice or fails to make a moral choice to be and do better, he or she continues to live immersed in the same realm of stimulus-response as the lower orders of mammals. He or she is a human animal. Were the individual to live out his or her whole life and never make a single moral decision, then such a one dies with the animals of the realm. It is this ability of higher reasoning, leading to the choosing of a growing and enlarging spiritual capacity and the manifestation–exhibition of a true character over the mere development of, and clever use of tools and a clever mentality, that separates us from being nothing more than an upright standing, two-legged animal.

We Are the Lowest Order of God-knowing Creature Life

As human individuals, we are the lowest order of material creatures in the universe of universes that have the capacity for recognition of the First Source and Center, the cause of our existence. And as His creature children, we have the free will capacity to choose to make moral decisions and live a life based on the highest principles of God-consciousness–treating our fellow brothers and sisters, the children of a Heavenly Father, as we would want them to treat us, and regardless of whether they choose to treat us with the same consciousness. We choose to set the example, and not wait for it to be seen and experienced with others close to us.

Living Faith–the Highest Spiritual Connection with the Paradise Father

Faith in the reality of the Father-God, who is simultaneously the farthest removed and the closest to us is our closest possible approach to God, while we are yet in human form. In every situation where the Creator Son of God, Jesus of Nazareth, Michael of Nebadon (our Local Universe within the Milky Way) was said to have performed a miracle, the true miracle was the living faith of the individual or individuals involved. Jesus unvaryingly said to these individuals “your faith has made you whole.” And living faith is the saving gift of the spirit that leads to the growth of the human soul, which survives death.

In the past, I have been approached by many of my well-meaning brothers and sisters, who want to believe that when they have sought to convert me to their religious doctrine and church organization that they are saving my soul. Of course this attempted conversion is also accompanied by end times prophecies. What I have stated to many of these individuals, I believe is a good example of this living faith connection to the Paradise Father of All and His indwelling spirit–the Thought Adjuster.

“What does it matter whether Jesus should decide to return to this world in the next instant, or long-delay his coming, and we pass through the portal of death to someday stand before Him as the Creator Son of God, where he lives, as long as we are living as if in His presence, now, and every moment throughout eternity?”

Is not this living in the consciousness of this growingly real spiritual connection to the Paradise Father and his indwelling Thought Adjuster, the highest experiential realization of living faith? I declare to you that it is.

Seventh Adjutant Mind

The Spiritual Corollary to the Seventh Adjutant Mind-spirit–the Seventh Psychic Circle

There is, however, an even fuller realization of living faith that we will discuss at the appropriate time–the reality of living faith expression both inwardly and outwardly in the experiential values which fulfill the requirements for completion of the Seventh Psychic circle of soul growth.