Indigo, Rainbow and Crystal Children, OH MY!

The thoughts and opinions expressed in this article are not our own. It is from a Clairevoyant who didn’t want to use their name.

As many of you do not know me at all I feel that only prudent considering you are reading my posts and absorbing them in some way into your psyche.

Let’s start with what I do believe in:

  • I believe that there is life after death there is something more to this physical being that we currently share.
  • I believe spirit and guides do have an effect on our lives here.
  • I believe we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.
  • I believe as a medium validation and verification are more important than messages.
  • I believe we each carve out our own destiny in this world.
  • I believe in being skeptical (yes I said skeptical I’ll explain later)
  • I believe Women should be allowed to be strong and independent free to pursue any type of life they wish.

OK Now for what I don’t believe in:

  • I don’t believe in a “God” as if some sort of guy with a big white beard that lay down the law of what is right and what is wrong.
  • I don’t believe that anything should be taken at face value.
  • I don’t believe that anyone has a right to compel anyone to their own belief.

They are basically the main ones I have more of course and the great thing about my belief system is that you can disagree with me all you like I don’t mind at all.

This brings me to what I really want to talk about today and that’s the ever-growing cluster of pigeonholing children, such as “Indigo Children”, “Rainbow children”, “Crystal children”. As time unfolds I can assure you we will see more buzzword names coming out, to place our amazing children of the world in yet another box that they do not need.

Indigo, Rainbow and Crystal Children

The concept of Indigo children was based on aura readings by Nancy Ann Tappe. I was exposed to this theory well over a decade ago, this is not something “new” to me.

I have been told my own children are Indigo children by several Psychic friends. Let’s have a look at the prerequisites or traits to identify such a child.

There are many characteristics that make a person an Indigo child some are

  • Born in 1978 or later
  • Strong-willed, independent, and oppose authority
  • Self-entitled
  • Bossy
  • Introverted/creative individuals who seem to be in their own mind.
  • An “old Soul” 6 going onto 16
  • Being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, Aspergers, Autism
  • Some people claim that Indigo children “seem to behave like they’re from another planet” and are part Alien


These “Indigo children” have been coming into the world since 1978 and have come to the world to prepare for a spiritual transformation. The eldest of these Indigo children are in their mid 30’S now.

Let us for a moment have a look at the prerequisites for “Indigo children” and how they stack up with the labeled “Generation Y”.  You will often hear the older people complain of how “this generation is” (BEING GEN Y)

We have in the past 30 years made the pathways into the digital age, hard and fast. This has obviously paved the way for higher absorption of information due to exposure via this NEW AGE. As we are more exposed to information, we and children are born into a world that leads them to become exposed to more streams of information and education as we have never seen before.

Education systems are fine-tuning education, creating tighter systems, with stricter rules we all need to adhere to.

Pre Generation Y, It was expected the mother stay at home and tend to the children but as time moved on, women entered the workforce to earn money for the family or for self-evolution and many fathers took on multiple jobs to make ends meet. So came a growing generation of “latch door kids” coming home to empty houses and in turn becoming more independent by cause and effect.

In this age, computers started entering houses, as did gaming consoles and devices which was, then quite an adventure in solitude and withdrawal

Now let’s have a look at how the labeled “new age” kids are supposed to be “changing the world” In the last 30 years this influx of special children has not really had an effect that I can tell on the world as far as spiritually concerned.

Today we have more “martyrs” than we know what to do with. Religious extremism is at an all-time high in living memory.

I say “living” as I think the Christian crusades slaughtered enough Men, Women, and Children in their wake so it’s not just “Islamism” who like to slaughter in the name of their God. If these special children were having even a small minuscule effect you would not expect any rise in this sort of activity or is it only western born children that can be Indigo?

Prison and Crime is another in the United States, the population of Prisons has increased dramatically in the last 30 years. But I hear you say “But that the poor misunderstood Indigo getting lost in the world” But hang on if we think about that for a second it really doesn’t make sense.

If I can use an analogy and I will… that’s like taking the car out for a drive that you KNOW is going to take a tank of fuel and leaving with half a tank. In that I mean these Indigo children know there coming here know what they’re getting into before birth and don’t come prepared for what this world is like?

The “alien effect” is something that brings immense discredit to this scenario. That an alien force has something to do with the “special born child” Now I don’t believe in Aliens having visited Earth either (add that to the list above.)I do believe there is more than likely other life in this vast universe but I highly doubt it’s ever visited.

I can tell you right now there was no Alien present in the conception of our 3 children I know I was there. My children fulfill all prerequisites of being an “indigo child” even to the thorough list you will find littered over Google.

“What about the rise in ADD and things like Autism spectrum disorder (Asperger’s syndrome etc) ?” Nice question and I am glad you mentally asked it to me.

I look to more Earthly reasons for such things. In the last 50 to 100 but more so in the last 50, we have introduced so many poisons into our homes that our bodies have no idea what to do with it. It is fact that the things we surround ourselves with and that which we enter the world having contact with alter human development and DNA.

We all know about BPA and it’s only very recently that it has been slowly stopping in Australia but the question is are the other plastic we eat and drink from or even just touch any better? The truth is no one knows. No real tests have been done on these substances to determine if they are safe.

GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in foods… don’t get me started on those.

One of the traits indigo children are supposed to boast is empathetic traits and locking on eye contact. Let me tell you If you have a properly diagnosed child with Aspergers (which by the way I do) that one of the early benchmarks is lack of eye contact and lack of empathy (though this is proven to be a trait they can learn to work through)

Children with Aspergers are far more interested in inanimate objects than the interest of humans and saving humanity. Trust, the first pictures they draw will not be depicting humans.

When it comes to mental disorders of any kind I do believe diet plays a massive role in bringing the child into a more ideal being and THAT should be under the consult with a specialist or doctor.

The prerequisites of being an “Indigo Child” will have nearly all boxes ticked by ANYONE from Generation Y.

Name me one child who doesn’t fulfill most of these criteria:

  • Are curious and strong-willed
  • Are often perceived by friends and family as being strange
  • Possess a clear sense of self-definition and purpose
  • Show a strong innate subconscious spirituality from early childhood (which, however, does not necessarily imply a direct interest in spiritual or religious areas)
  • Have a strong feeling of entitlement, or deserving to be here
  • Resistance to rigid, control-based paradigms of authority

Nancy Ann Tappe came to this conclusion because she started to see a lot of people with purple or Indigo Auras well perhaps she did. Does that make some phenomenon where Aliens are preparing the Earth for a Spiritual invasion of peace and love? It sounds nice but I don’t think so.

As misguided as it is, the traits of indigo children were once of peace and harmony now bastardized to being “prone to suicide” “self-harm” Can you imagine how I would have felt, being told my child “is an indigo” and then subjected to those thoughts of worry, expecting my “chosen one” who is going to save the world has a burden of such a life ahead. This is the sickening mentality going on today. The harmless “new age” has morphed into a self-serving opportunistic harmful new age.

Spiritually diagnosing people hampers diagnoses of children suffering mental illness, syndromes, and learning disabilities because parents are encouraged to write these traits of as being something of “spiritual cause” and the ability of early intervention is severed, losing valuable time for proven therapy to have an effect.

The idea and labeling of indigo children have ranged from “messenger” to “suicidal”. To claim any child is suicidal because they are a messenger or soldier of God is the most nonsensical thing I have ever heard in my life.

The ever-growing list of buzz words and buzz names to pigeonhole children further to me is deplorable.

I take great anger toward anyone who believes they are above and beyond a medical specialist and advise parents to stop medicating their children because they are on a mission from a heavenly source.

We simply have to look at the myriad of violent tragedies that have occurred when the mentally ill suffered have ceased or missed their medications. Anyone suggesting people just “stop medication” is criminally negligent.

Unfortunately, NEW AGE now, is about new cash and new names to create new oracle decks and books to sell with the bait to make you want to feel like you belong to something bigger.

Every parent of every child who suffers mental illness or a condition that doesn’t make them “normal”, desperately wants their child to be “special” to be “perfect”. It is much easier for parents to believe their child is a “chosen one” and is not damaged. It’s easier for children who shun authority to not be reprimanded but instead be given a wide berth as “Timmy” has a higher purpose so we have to let him be. It is nicer for parents to believe they have not failed because a child Is too self-involved and entitled to listen to them. It feels nicer to “triumph” knowing they have made a “special chosen child who will change the world”


The last thing I will say is that your Children are special they don’t have to be indigo, rainbow, crystal to be “special” they simply are. When you look at the process for humans to procreate it’s a wonder so many children are born.

Your children are your physical immortality they contain your DNA and all of your ancestors DNA combined from both parents that very special indeed.