Unlocking Psychic Powers Through Astrology

Many people have some form of psychic abilities and do not even know it. In order for a person to use their powers, they need to accept that they are there. While this seems like a simple concept it does get more complicated. The complicated aspects come in when a person has to channel the type of psychic powers that they have.

Unlocking Your Psychic Powers

Channeling Your Psychic Powers

Everyone can channel their unconscious and take something out of it. This will take practice, confidence, and the ability to disconnect your wants from what you feel. The most important thing that you have to know and understand is your own zodiac sign to best develop psychic abilities.  Plus, you must accept them as real and not fall victim to the naysayers who say there are no psychic powers.

Your psychic abilities are linked to your astrological birth sign. Once you understand your sign you can focus on channeling your psychic ability and psychic powers even though there are many who do not believe in psychic abilities or psychic powers.

Psychic Powers By Birth Sign

Aries – The Right Place and the Right Time

If this is your birth sign you psychic ability is looking for the next big thing. For example, you attend a party and discover the person performing there. The next thing you know this person sells millions of records and concert tickets over the next year.

Taurus- Seeing the Invisible Border

This bull sign looks into understanding the boundaries. You will avoid tensions by not crossing the invisible line of acceptable behavior. You are able to realize when another is trying to pass your personal boundaries and have no problem stopping them before they cross the line.

Gemini- Finding the Right Words

The Twin is very connected to the five senses. The sixth sense is almost not necessary. A person under this sign knows the right words to say. When asked how they knew what to say many will say they just knew. A person with this sign is able to almost pull the words right out of the air.

Cancer- Trust Your Instincts

A person with this sign is able to feel the emotions that others are feeling. If a person feels that a bully is actually sensitive under their hard exterior, you will be seen as brave even though your psychic ability of empathy is at work.

Leo- Timing is Everything

If this is your birth sign you are connected to the rhythm of life including every moment. You know what time to show up. For example, if a party starts at 6 pm and you do not get there until 9 pm when the party gets into full swing. You know the perfect time to arrive, when to speak up, and when to put your plans into action.

Virgo- Ability to Sense Trouble and Predict Disaster

You know information before it is released and can formula problem. You see a vacant lot and will see the building that will stand there next year. You know when a neighborhood will improve and will be a more family-friendly place.

Libra- Knows Others Better than Themselves

Your ability is being able to read other people. You can understand their motives and know what they will do next even before they do. There is a blind spot to this ability. You do not know yourself and cannot see your accomplishments. You may lose this sixth sense if you let someone get close to you.

Scorpio- Filtering Out the Flirts

You long for deep affections and intense physical expression. Most of the time the verbal expressions annoy you. Words get in the way of your quest for passion. You are able to tell the difference between someone that is just flirting and someone that is looking for love. You are able to real lust and bring it to you with your psychic power. You can also tell if a person is a genuine friend as well.

Sagittarius- Find Opportunities

Under this sign, you are a natural optimist. You know ahead of time where the opportunities lie. While other people use charts and graphs you know when and where to take a gamble. This applies both to the business world and to love. You have a great rate of success.

Capricorn- Know the Pace

Some people suddenly stop their daily life. They may quit their job and move without any notice. This sign knows the pace of life. When it is your time to grow and move on you start before any clues or information is present. You make drastic changes in your life. This helps you continue to move up the ladder of success.

Aquarius- Ability to Read Minds

You have the talent to get what you want from others. This talent is almost like an art form to you. Asking for what you want is boring. You are able to tell what others are looking for. You are then able to pose your needs and desires as their wishes.

Pisces- See the Really Big Picture

This is the most psychic sign of all the Zodiacs. You see the big picture and where all events leading to this fall into place. Through intense channeling and visions, you can see science fiction and other dimensions.

No matter what astrological sign you are, you can develop your psychic powers and psychic abilities if you truly want to and are willing to invest the time and effort it takes.