Norah the Psychic Explains How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Many people assume that psychics are people born dramatically different than run-of-the-mill folks. Maybe your image of a psychic involves some special mark or signal caul over the face at birth, the seventh child of a seventh child, someone who began seeing dead people (or angels or fairies) at a young age.

Another popular image of a psychic is that of someone who had a near-death experience which jolted their third eye wide open. You might, like many other people, assume that since these signs have not occurred in your life that your sixth sense is numb or nonexistent.

This is an all-too-common fallacy but the truth is all of us have at least a kernel of psychic ability. The natural talent and practice Psychic skills resemble musical ability or any other gift in that practice and attention are required to cultivate natural aptitude. A few people are born with a natural ear for music which they can hone and develop in order to become professional musicians.

However, even the most naturally talented musician will not progress without hours of focus and practice. Practice also makes a difference for those who are not prodigies even someone with a minor gift can become proficient at playing a selection of songs if they apply themselves regularly.

Similarly, even if you are not the Mozart of psychic ability, you still can develop your skills in this area. Let go of disbelief The first step to developing your psychic skills is to open your mind to the possibility that you can receive information in intuitive ways.

This does not mean having a mind so open that your brains fall out but merely admitting the possibility that there may be ways of communicating which have not yet been mapped out by science.

Once they permit themselves to overcome ingrained disbelief, many people realize they have been receiving psychic information all their lives but that they did not recognize signals they received. Dreaming and Waking Psychic information may come in unexpected ways, often through the language of symbolism.

Your spirit guides are more likely to speak to you through symbols than to make themselves visible to you and speak in sentences the same as a friend dropping by for coffee or to send you an e-mail.

You may wish to read some books about symbols so that you can begin to perceive them as messages arrive. Dreams use a language of symbolism people learning psychic skills will want to study.

Norah the Psychic and her associates have also observed that the appearance in our everyday lives of animals we rarely see or other unusual events or occurrences can be messages, just like the things we see in our dreams. Begin to write down what you remember of your dreams.

Try to cultivate a state of greater attentiveness in your dreams, observing what is happening more keenly to help you remember more details. Keep a notebook by your bed and write your dreams down as soon as possible before your memory of them fades. If you have a hard time remembering your dreams, try drinking a cup of mugwort tea before going to bed as this herb makes dreaming more vivid.

Also make note of out of the normal events in your waking life, including unusual coincidences and words you suddenly begin to hear with great frequency.

Observe whether you experience certain physical sensations as these events occur, as these can be your guide’s way of trying to focus your attention on what is happening. Psychic Tools You may have noticed that some of your friends and relatives communicate with you more frequently now that technology provides a wider range of options for keeping in touch.

Some people love to send text messages and photos using their phones; others love to use e-mail. You can broaden the communication channel with your guides by giving them more tools for providing you with information. Many neighborhoods and online retail outlets now stock several different types of divination tools to suit different spiritual paths as well as different aesthetic tastes.

You may wish to purchase a pendulum, a deck of angel cards, a set of rules, or choose from many styles of tarot cards or other kinds of tools. If you have a tight budget and cannot afford to invest in any of these tools, you can also use everyday objects, for example, some psychics learn to recognize patterns and shapes in tea leaves left in a cup. Giving your psychic guides multiple options for communicating with you will enhance the flow of information you receive. Practice regularly with your chosen divination tool, asking your guides questions.

You may want to ask them something basic, such as what types of people, events, or energies you will encounter during the coming day or week. Write down the information you receive.

Being attentive to the information you receive is important after all, would you continue to talk with someone who ignored you?

Relaxation Since most of us move through our lives multi-tasking, scanning our e-mail while talking on the phone, or checking our text messages while having dinner with a friend, we need to shift our awareness in order to receive psychic information. After all, you are listening to messages in a language you do not yet speak fluently. Before a divination session, take at least 10 minutes to sit quietly and slow your breathing. Turn your phone and computer offer better still, keep them in another room.

You may wish to close your eyes or to focus your vision on just one thing such as a candle flame or an image that gives you a feeling of peace and relaxation. You may wish to play soft music in the background, preferably instrumental only so you will not be distracted by the lyrics. A state of relaxation will heighten your intuitive abilities and you will find yourself tuning in more deeply to the information your guides have to offer.