Third Eye Meditation: How To Enter A Psychic Trance

We all are capable of entering trance-like states. In fact, we do it all the time. When the conscious mind experiences a disruption, it enters a trance-like state. When in a trance, objective thinking becomes difficult. To some degree, the unconscious mind has taken over. The unconscious mind is the gateway to the spiritual plane. Trance-like states enable the ego to temporarily shut down. The mind’s thought process slows and free association is readily available.

Free association is the process of letting your thoughts wander without trying to control the process or outcome. This is what the author, William James, referred to as a “stream of consciousness.” This experience can occur spontaneously or through the power of suggestion such as hypnosis. Once the trance state has been reached, individuals can learn to identify messages from other realms.

The Third Eye In A Trance

There are basically two ways to enter the psychic trance. One of the most common is to be activated by external stimuli. In this case, psychic trances are generated from specific locations, objects, and people. This type of trance is often spontaneous and can take someone by surprise. Most individuals have developed defenses or mental blocks that serve as a barricade to psychic material received through this process. In this case, the individual assumes that he is having difficulties in focusing or is just feeling a bit disoriented. The other was to access the psychic trance is by internal stimuli. In this case, the internal stimuli would be one’s inner feelings and thoughts. This type of psychic experience is referred to as clairsentience.

Clairsentient psychics receive their psychic information through their feelings or through touch. Entering the psychic trance can be achieved through hypnosis, meditation, or automatic writing. For the beginner, the simplest method is through mediation techniques or self-induced hypnosis. One of the most successful approaches is working with the Third Eye. The Third Eye is actually a chakra. Chakras are energy centers located throughout your body. In this case, the Third Eye chakra is located between your eyebrows in the center of your forehead. The Third Eye chakra interacts with one’s ability to visualize and process information. It also enables an individual to touch and experience the realm of spirit. This is the chakra of awareness and intuition. Below is a simple meditation method that increases your psychic awareness and ability to enter trance-like states. Before you commit to attempting a psychic trance, be sure you center yourself. There is a wealth of information available for centering techniques. Check for my other articles on centering meditations.


a. Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit crossed-legged. You may also sit against a wall or on a chair. Make sure your back is straight.

b. Close your eyes and slow your breathing. Inhale deeply and exhale through your mouth.

c. Position your chin down towards your chest. Imagine your chest is pulling your chin towards it.

d. Keep breathing deeply. With every breath, imagine your body getting more and more relaxed.

e. Keeping your eyes closed, look up towards your third eye. This is the area in the center of your forehead. If you want, you can visualize the Third Eye chakra as an actual eye. See it open. It should feel as though you are actually looking up, but your eyes should remain closed.

f. Continue breathing and relax your eyes while they are “looking up.” You may notice changes in your body and mind. This is fine. This is the beginning of the psychic trance.

g. Try to hold this for a few minutes. If your mind begins to wander, that’s o.k. If you lose focus then begin the process all over again. When this mediation is practiced every day, it will eventually become easier for you to enter into the meditative state.

With daily practice, your Third Eye Chakra will begin to open. Slowly, you will begin to experience new levels of awareness. You may start to notice small things that you would have missed previously or you may discover a new awareness of detail. Ultimately, your sixth sense will grow stronger and access to psychic material will come naturally.