The Chakra System: Chakra Meanings and Chakra Colors

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Our curriculum has been around for many lifetimes and has educated a multitude of students throughout time and space. These are ancient teachings that we here at the Nest have witnessed ourselves teaching in past lives and we have taken the liberty of placing basic key information here for you to gaze upon from Lesson 1 of The Psychic Nest Curriculum, The Chakra System. In this lesson, you will find knowledge about chakra colors, chakra meanings, and more! Emotional energy centers within the human body are called chakras. These six energetic points exist on all dimensions of our being and together they create The Chakra System.

Inside this energy, points are portions of our soul that manifest with different emotional vibrations and frequencies. The chakra colors shine out of the chakra system in energetic waves of light and sound. Our chakras hold the memories of every life we’ve lived and each memory is usually associated with a specific emotional energy center and chakra color based on which emotions were felt in the memory.

Here is a handy chart of the spiritual and emotional chakra meanings and the chakra colors that they are associated with:

The Chakra Colors and The Chakra Meanings Emotional Chakra Meanings

The emotional nature of each chakra is not completely specific to its own energy center and range; the chakra colors and meanings may mix and match to create new redefined emotional chakra meanings. For example, Fear radiates and begins from the Root first, but there is also emotional fear at the Sacral and guilty fear at the Solar. Chakra meanings interweave in many ways.

New emotional concepts can be created out of the chakras, such as trust, which is a manifestation of the honest nature of the Throat and the will to do so from the Solar. The amounts of emotions you can express from the chakras are infinite and so are the chakra colors that shine from within them.

This mixing and matching of the emotional chakra meanings happen because each chakra has an energy field that surrounds them that acts like magnetic clouds that get attracted to each other based on your feelings. Right between the Heart and the Solar, there is an energy point we call the Soul Center. The Soul Center is the beginning point in the creation of our souls.

It is the midpoint of our physical and spiritual energy bodies and it is the center of our soul. Its nature is balance and duality. It rarely affects the physical and spiritual energy bodies unless the whole energetic system is close to complete balance or imbalance.

The Soul Center is the ideal location for centering yourself during meditation, but it can backfire if you treat it like a chakra. The Soul Center is more than a chakra; it carries the energetic signature of who we are at the depths of our souls. The Chakra System and the Soul Center The main six chakras of your chakra system began their emotional expression as they emerged out of your Soul Center when you were born.

The Soul Center is the connection between all souls across the cosmos and we emotionally express our souls through our chakra system. Friendship is a strong companionship from one soul to the next. Being in Love involves a strong soul connection between two people that becomes a soul partnership. Love is not only about the Heart; love involves the giving and acceptance of all our consciousness.

No one can predict who another will fall in love or connect with; these soul connections cannot truly be defined by logic or emotion.

We connect to one another through the expression of our entire consciousness, but will always be centered and balanced at the Soul Center.