Tarot Reading For Yourself

Is it possible to do a tarot reading on yourself?  Certainly!  In fact, one of the easiest ways to learn Tarot is by conducting your own self readings.

Tarot Reading For Yourself Is Easy

If you truly want to familiarize yourself with the Tarot, its card meanings, and the art of tarot reading there are a number of resources available to you which you can utilize. Most people prefer to learn from books mainly because they can be kept close at hand as a convenient reference guide.  There are also websites that provide free tarot instruction as well as instructional software that can be downloaded for free or at a nominal cost. Most instructional guides for Tarot focus primarily on the card meanings and the basics of tarot reading. Some, however, also focus on psychic development. For beginners though, it is usually best to learn how to read tarot by starting with the basics first and then focusing on developing your psychic abilities later.

In addition to selecting a book or instructional guide, you will of course also need to buy a tarot deck. For the uninitiated, this can at times be a little confusing because there are literally hundreds of different decks to choose from.  Most beginners, however, prefer the Rider Waite tarot deck because it is one of the oldest and most widely recognized decks.  As you develop your skills though you will probably want to eventually move on to a different deck that more closely matches your personal preferences. A tarot reader’s deck is very important because the deck itself is thought to be an extension of the reader’s own self and abilities. For this reason, most tarot readers will work only with their own decks and seldom buy new ones.

Committed study of the Tarot will eventually pay off rich rewards of a much higher understanding of its mysteries. Nonetheless, you might be wondering when it is appropriate to consult the cards. What is the correct way to do Tarot reading for yourself on a consistent basis? How can you best enhance your own Tarot attunement when you cannot or are not ready to conduct readings for other people?

Listed below are some fun exercises you can do on your own to enhance your own skills and abilities.

Draw a tarot card of the day

Each morning, begin your day by drawing a single card from your tarot deck. If you are new to tarot cards, this can be a great way to familiarize yourself with each card’s meaning. Take a few minutes to learn about the card and then focus on its meaning.  How does the card relate to you and the events that are influencing you and those around you? By personalizing yourself with each card in the deck you will eventually develop a much deeper understanding of their meanings and intimacies. Revisit the card again at night before you go to sleep to see how the card in question held meaning for you and compare that impression to the actual events that transpired throughout the day.

Reading for the New Year

Traditionally, January is the busiest month for psychics and tarot readers because many people want to know what the coming year may hold for them.  To conduct your own tarot reading, spread twelve cards from your tarot deck out in a line or circle so that the first card represents January and so on until the last card represents December. Each card represents an upcoming month in the brand new year. Make notes about what feelings the energies emitted by each card invokes in you. Be sure to write each of these impressions down. Include any automatic emotional responses or mental imagery you receive. As the New Year advances, refer back to your written notations frequently to assess their accuracy.

Birthday readings.
Another time people frequently have readings is on their birthdays. You can do this as well. Simply choose a spread that you feel best suits your question or area you wish to explore and give yourself a reading.  As with any reading that is done for any other significant occasion, make notes. Record the card’s relative placements with each other. Attune yourself into their energies very carefully to ascertain the likely course of your life for the next year. Refer back to your notes periodically to see how close to the mark you were.

Using the Tarot to help make a decision

These are the most common type of tarot readings. In circumstances involving significant life events that require major decisions that pertain to finances, health, career moves, or romantic relationships, you can always consult the cards to see what they have to say. You can do a tarot reading to assess your compatibility with a prospective romantic interest, or to find guidance in a relationship when your emotions may be overriding your ability to make objective decisions. For questions regarding your career or money, the Tarot can also be an excellent guide. You can give yourself a tarot reading to access a career more, your future financial security, or even access a major financial purchase such as buying a new car or home.

Seeking second opinions

If you find yourself unsure about what to do in any situation, you may seek advice from an outside source. Make a simple Tarot spread or just draw one card for each aspect or facet of the issue at hand. Interpret them carefully to get an alternative perspective about things or for clarification of any questions or nagging doubts that remain.

The Tart holds many sacred mysteries about life and the universe in general. Once you become familiar with the Tarot it can awaken the intuitive powers that lie dormant within you.