Tarot Card Readings and Meanings

Tarot card readings are one of the most popular psychic tools that people use to read the future. Most of the time, I’ve found them very helpful to describe the present moment and not so much the future. The tricky thing is, the future is a constantly changing thing, making it hard for a single card, or even a number of cards to really accurately reflect the future much further away than a day, a few days, or even a week.

Generally speaking, we use Tarot cards when we are looking for answers during a time of change. Especially in these moments, our future is changing as we make decisions. Tarot can see the way out of the current situation, and even to the possibilities on the other side, but I personally would not trust it further than that.

Tarot Card Readings and Meanings

Personal Use of Tarot

Tarot has straightened me out from time to time. I highly recommend using tarot on your own to gain insight into current circumstances. Even though I am a clairvoyant and help people work through their own roadblocks, sometimes my own is not as apparent! Using Tarot to uncover something I’m missing, or to receive a message that I was blocking out of stress is so helpful.

Tarot Spreads

Tarot spreads can be very restricting, in terms of the messaging that comes across to you. Here are some hints to get the most out of your own reading:

  • If a card falls out while you are shuffling, this is an important (and likely the most key) message. All other cards you lay will really build around this one. Sometimes, you may not even need to pull anymore cards, because the one that fell out said what you needed to know (or the 3 that fell out).
  • Don’t worry too much about the placement of the cards. The most important thing is how you pose your questions. Posing questions appropriately is an art form! One that I learned when doing i-ching (see my suggestions below).
  • A simple spread is the one done by Lotus Tarot. They have free readings online, with a simple click of a button – you don’t even need to sign-up. The spread is 6 cards. Either randomly pull out 6 cards and lay them in order, or take the top 6 cards and lay them out. In order, they reflect:
    • How you feel about yourself now
    • What you most want at this moment
    • Your fears
    • What is going for you
    • What is going against you
    • The outcome according to your current situation or the question you asked

Posing Tarot Questions

In order to get clear messages from the universe, we must ask clear questions! If you focus on nothing, then your Tarot cards may be all over the place. If you start the Tarot by asking a yes or no question, you will be disappointed once again. Yes or no questions do not create a conversation and leave no room for elaboration.

For example, if I ask: Will I get married next month – the answer is either yes or no. The cards are not equipped to reflect this and so in the best case, a love card may fall out of the deck. Worse case, your reading is about whatever the most pressing issue in your life is (like work, or someone who has been bugging you). Now, since you asked about getting married last month, you may try to interpret the cards to mean something about your marriage, when in fact, nothing about that is reflected in the cards! You can see how the confusion can begin.

Instead, if I say: What do I need to know about my wedding next month – this is a conversation starter. Your cards can now be interpreted to be about the event and circumstances around your wedding.

When all else fails, always fall back on: What Do I Need To Know Right Now?

This is my go to question. It allows the universe to tell me what I need to hear without me being too exact. The other risk with Tarot is of being too exact with your question, and then missing out on some really important information that could help your life.

I’m sure by now you can see why I say asking a right question is an art form. If the cards are not making sense, make sure you’ve made sense of your question.

Professional Tarot

I don’t use Tarot cards in my readings because I think it would distract both me and my clients from discovering the true messages from spirit. Sometimes having to interpret a card, with a limited number of meanings, is just not enough.

My advice is to always use caution when selecting a Tarot reader. I know there are amazing Tarot card readers out there, but you don’t want someone who is just going to tell you some pre-practice information about a card – you can do that yourself! You want someone who listens to the spirit and the messages at the same time, which is much harder to find. We have the best of the best on our network of Psychics and Readers Click Here To Check Them Out.