Psychic Tools: How to Use a Ouija Board

If you have an interest in developing your ability to channel spirits, learning how to use an Ouija board can be a great place to begin.

An Old Ouija Board in Library Of Congress

One of the most popular and widely used divination tools for communicating with spirits is the Ouija board. While many consider them toys, the truth is that Ouija boards, if used properly, can be very effective divinatory tools for channeling spirits. What’s more, many people can learn how to use an Ouija board on their own and they don’t even have to be an actual psychic to use them effectively.

Divination boards, similar to the modern Ouija board, have been used for centuries. While there is strong evidence that they were popular with the Romans, it is believed that the ancient Greeks may have practiced the art as much as a thousand years earlier.

Our modern Ouija board began with the combination of two separate tools once used for scrying. The first tool is a flat board imprinted with numbers and the letters of the alphabet for answering complex questions, and also the words “yes” and “no” for answering simple questions.  The second tool is the “indicator” which is a clear pointing device with stands that can be pushed around on the board for answering questions. Traditionally, channelers once made their own boards by hand and used an inverted wine glass for an indicator instead, but this all changed when the first modern Ouija boards went into production a little over a hundred years ago.

Many people believe that using an Ouija board can be potentially dangerous because of the likelihood of attracting bad spirits. There is some truth to this. Dysfunctional people should probably not use Ouija boards because they tend to attract dysfunctional spirits. Likewise, it is never a good idea to try to intentionally attempt to contact dark spirits or entities. In general, though, the vast majority of people tend to have very positive experiences provided that they follow these two rules.

How to use an Ouija board.

First and foremost, find a quiet and comfortable location where you can place your board on your lap or on a flat surface. Contrary to popular myth, this does not necessarily have to be a dark room lit only by candles. Although some may prefer doing readings in this kind of environment, any tranquil location suitable for channeling should be fine.

While some people prefer to use an Ouija board alone, others like to invite friends to share the experience and to increase the channeled energy. This is entirely up to you to decide. Some people like to place the Ouija board on their knees between them when using it in pairs or groups.

Next, say a prayer or blessing over the board. The reason for this is that you will have a much greater chance of calling forth a spirit guide when you project positive energy around you. Flowers and especially water can also be helpful for attracting spirits.

Place the indicator on the board and call forth the spirit while your hands gently press down on the indicator. Next, when you sense as though a spirit may be present, you can begin asking questions. A good place to start is by asking a simple “yes” or “no” question or by asking the spirit to spell out its name. You should then hopefully see the indicator begin to move as the spirit channels its energy through your fingers. Never resist or consciously push the indicator in any particular direction. You want instead to act as a conduit. When done properly many people are amazed by how an indicator can take on its own identity.

It can be helpful to have someone who isn’t touching the board write down the letters as they appear. Sometimes words can be misspelled or even have letters appear in the wrong order.

Always keep your questions positive. Never ask the same question twice even if you don’t like the answer. If a spirit makes you feel uncomfortable or asks you to do strange things, end the session immediately. Spirits are like people and can have different personalities. By remaining positive and sending out positive energy, you are much more likely to attract like-minded spirits.