Connecting With Your Spirit Guides Through a Psychic

We all have the ability to contact our spirit guides if we are willing to ‘feel’ or ‘see’ them.

The words ‘clairvoyance’ and ‘clairsentience’ both come from the same French derivative, ‘clair’, which means ‘clear’. While the word ‘clairvoyance’ literally means ‘clear seeing’, clairsentience refers to the attributes of feeling energy. One way a clairsentient psychic differs from a clairvoyant psychic is that a clairsentient psychic is able to both ‘see’ as well as ‘feel’ energy. This energy can be in many different forms such as emotions, vibrations, or spiritual energy, just to name a few examples. In contrast, a clairvoyant psychic is able to ‘see’ or visualize energy. Both types of psychic abilities, however, are gifts that all human beings possess on some level. The secret to tapping into these abilities lies in our willingness to become ‘clear’ or ‘open’ to the energy that surrounds us.

Connect With Your Spirit Guides

As human beings we are all built exactly the same. While this concept may be difficult for some to believe, it is the truth. Each of us has been incarnated into our bodies with the same intuitive abilities. It is our ‘human survival gear’. This means, from a functioning standpoint, each of us has the capacity to learn and know the same information. There is not one human being who is smarter than the other, but rather, there are variances in the depth at which one person can access particular parts of his or her brain – compared to that of another.

What does all of this mean? It means that we are all One. Perhaps you have heard this phrase before. It is a concept built upon the premise that as human beings, we are all from One Universe. We are templates of one another with regard to the ‘hard wiring’ we are given when we incarnate into our bodies. The beauty is that while we all possess this same energy or life force at our core, there is not one human being who is exactly like the other. We are all unique in that we are here to learn and grow in different ways. As Light Beings, we are reflections of Love and Light. As such, we incarnate into our bodies to experience a human life while we learn lessons of enlightenment. This constitutes our journey as human beings on the planet earth. As we move forward and experience our lives, we gradually become more enlightened beings.

Those who have learned numerous lessons through many life experiences are usually those who become so open, they grow into clairsentient beings. The role of the clairsentient psychic should be to utilize their gift to guide others on their journey through life. This does not mean that they are here to tell us what we should or shouldn’t do, or which horse to bet on in the next race. Their role is to enlighten and guide us so that we are prepared to learn from life’s many lessons.

Some clairsentient psychics can also help us connect to our spirit guides. Everyone has at least one spirit guide, including you. As enlightened beings, their purpose is also to provide us with guidance throughout our lives and towards our path to enlightenment.

Life on earth is not meant to be easy. It is full of challenges both big and small. Some of the challenges we encounter so great that they can literally bring us to our core, where we are in need of support and spiritual guidance. This is why we have spirit guides. They are the spirits who have stayed in the ‘spirit world’ to be there for us when we are in need. Our spirit guides want us to reach out to them and they want to communicate with us.

Unfortunately, communication is not easy for most of us. This is because we continue to stay plugged in and tuned out. This static noise is a distraction that blinds and numbs us to the energy that surrounds us. It prevents our guides from getting through to us. In order to ‘feel’ and ‘see’ the guidance coming forward from our spirit guides, we must learn to be still and receptive.

In some cases, it may even take a miracle for some of us to receive their communication. And, that is exactly what happens at times. When you hear amazing stories about formally skeptical people having near-death experiences, these are actually situations where their spirit guides communicate their presence and provide support in their time of need. Such experiences and tragedies are often wake-up calls designed to get the ‘victim’s attention. In order for this to happen though, a new form of the balance must be achieved. A balance that offers the opportunity for the ‘victim’ to be quiet and still long enough to hear the messages their guides wish to share with them.

Fortunately, one does not have to have a near-death experience to communicate with their spirit guide. They are always there for us once we are willing to be quiet so that we can ‘feel’ and ‘see’ their messages. If you are having difficulties, you may also consider consulting a psychic who has the ability to communicate with your spirit guides. If this is something you are willing to try, the next step is to listen and be open to receive the information that your guides want to share with you. It is all for your enlightenment and all about your growth forward. After all, isn’t that why you are here?