Psychic Healing: Science or Paranormal?

For centuries, there have been stories of miraculous recoveries. These miracles have always been associated with the work of God and of saints. Witch doctors, shamans, and miracle healers have long been known for their power to heal people even with the vilest of illnesses and diseases. Both spiritual and psychic healing are powerful techniques that allow your body and mind to heal in a natural and pain-free manner.

Psychic Healings

In most miracle recoveries, there is only one thing that is common – none of these people use any curative agents which would help speed up the curing and healing process physically. Though there is no involvement of curative agents, there is also no involvement of paranormal forces. However, there is channeling of cosmic energy from one source to another for promoting healing. This is often known as psychokinesis.

Psychic healing is a very complex phenomenon. Spontaneous remission, which is often associated with psychic healing, has been studied for ages. However, there is no exact science which can quantify the healing yet. This kind of remission could be associated with spiritual healing, but there is no way that it can be scientifically gauged.

Over the years, medical sciences have come to understand that there is a strong connection between the mind and the body. A lot of physical illnesses are caused due to emotional and mental disturbances. The only way to really cure these ailments is to bring peace to the mind. Humans have enormous healing potential lying latent in their bodies and minds. Once this latent force is tapped into, the body can heal itself on its own. That forms the basis of all psychic healing practices.

There have been studies on psychic healing, some of which have shown the beneficial influences of the mind on the body. Psychic healing aims to utilize the power of the mind to heal the body. The psychic energies, used to bring physical healing of this kind, can be channeled from within the patient, or from a person who is performing the healing. Hypnotism is such a scientifically proven healing technique that seeks to implant ideas and suggestions into the subconscious mind. People have been known to get rid of warts, skin diseases, poisoning, and many other ailments by simply the use of hypnotism. There have been some studies in which those under the influence of hypnotism have been able to undergo dental surgeries without the influence of anesthesia.

Psychic healing has been known to be able to bring substantial relief to those suffering from conditions such as peptic ulcers, arthritis, diabetics, rheumatoid arthritis, and even radiation sickness. Psychic healing can also bring about health improvements for far graver conditions.

Much of what is known as psychic healing and spontaneous remission is that these are indeed like a placebo effect. The cosmic energy is channeled from the healer to the patient and the faith in these healing abilities works miracles in the body. However, there are many other social and psychological factors that are associated with this healing. The self-healing mechanisms are triggered off when the energy is channeled through them.

For many, going to a spiritual healer may be the last resort. Most would willingly go to a psychic healer when allopathic medicine can no longer work on them. They tend to indulge in unusual rituals such as prayer, magnetic therapy, chanting, and many other similar healing processes. More than anything else, it is their faith in these techniques that help them recover.

In most cases, it is difficult to distinguish between psychic healing and self-healing. However, if you look closely, you will realize that there is very little difference between the two. It is difficult to understand the exact mechanisms involved in this kind of healing. There is no truly paranormal element involved in this kind of healing, only the faith in self, and the power of the mind to overcome physical limitations. The healer’s positive thoughts, intentions, and energy are responsible for most of the healing, but it is actually the faith of the one being healed which triggers off the healing process.


Interpersonal and Psychological Factors

There have been attempts to understand the interpersonal and psychological factors which are associated with psychic healing, but thus far, researchers have been unable to quantify it completely. There are two different approaches that researchers have employed for better understanding the healing process. The first and the simplest is to investigate the influence of the healer on human physiology using experimental methods. The second approach is used to compare with the first one. In this approach, the healer’s influence on nonhuman subjects is investigated. The basic aim to make this distinction is to understand the importance and effect of unconscious suggestions.

Distant healing is another important part of the entire process of psychic healing. There are some techniques, like reiki and chanting which are used to successfully heal distant subjects. To understand distant healing, researchers monitor the physiological changes brought about by psychic healing. Some of the physical markers observed for such studies include blood pressure, heart rate, brainwaves and body temperature, etc.

Healers can change certain components of the physiology of the ailing person, from a long distance. This distant healing can come in really handy in the case of those who cannot be moved over at great distances. There may be great beneficial effects on the overall health of the ailing person. Even the minutest of fluctuations in the physiological elements can help change the body.

Psychic Biofeedback

A lot of healers make use of the biofeedback, and also what is known as the psi feedback, for working the psychic healing. It is also important to understand that not anyone can be a miracle worker. When it comes to psychic healing, it is very important to understand that only healers at a certain healing level are able to channel the kind of energy required for triggering psychic healing.

To attain the level required to perform such kind of healing, one has to indulge in specific spiritual practices, aimed to improve the ability to channel the psychic energies in the body of the person and the environment. Regular practice of chanting, meditation, and balancing chakras can help you attain the spiritual level necessary to achieve psychic healing.

What do you think? Science or Paranormal?