How To Know If You Are Connecting With Your Psychic

Whether you are using a psychic to guide you now or you are interested in doing so, it is important that you feel connected with your psychic.

What does exactly does connecting with your psychic mean? It means that whoever or whatever tools you use to guide you forward, the tool is only as beneficial to you as your connection to that medium. One of the benefits of working with a psychic is that you have the opportunity to pick and choose the perspective and interpretation that resonates within you. This is the key. If you are finding the tools you are using to guide you forward are not ‘feeling right’ to you, in your gut, then perhaps it would serve you to seek another tool or a different perspective.

Connecting With A Psychic

That is the main ingredient that distinguishes one psychic from another. It is not so much about their resume, but about their interpretation of the information, they receive. The information comes forward to a psychic in blocks of thought concepts. What this means is the words are not exactly there for the psychic to repeat verbatim to another individual. However, it is their interpretation of the thought concepts that they get from your guides and the Universe, itself. It is a team effort. And the team consists of You, the psychic (who is the medium), your guides, and the Universe. So how do you know if you are connecting with your psychic or a psychic which you are about to choose? The truth is, you don’t know until you try. It will take one or two psychic readings to know, to sense whether or not you and your psychic have similar perspectives of the information coming forward. Why? Because it is about communication. That is all it is. At its’ very essence. From the information and messages coming from the Universe, your guides, even the guides of the psychic – if they are not able to convey to you the meanings and interpretations of what is coming forward to them, in a way that you can understand and grasp, well, perhaps it would serve you to begin a relationship with another psychic.

Part two of that equation is what you do with the information that is being offered. It would appear one seeks the guidance of a psychic in order to grow through an event or circumstance and to move forward. However, if you are one who is hearing a message, receiving information that is intended to facilitate your growth and forward movement – and you are not wanting or willing to follow through, well then, that is no fault of the psychic’s. If you have received the guidance of a psychic and have gotten information regarding a particular journey or a particular path that would serve you, and you are reluctant to pursue taking the steps toward that journey… it is not just to think the psychic is not serving you. Especially, when in fact, you are being given the wisdom and tools to move forward, and you are not willing to take the steps to do so. Even though you have been given detailed information, perhaps on more than one occasion and you have not acted – it is time to seriously consider what your intentions are for ‘working with’ a psychic. Why did you contact a psychic in the first place? Are you wanting to grow? Are you wanting to move forward? If you are being given the ‘keys to the castle’ and you are not using those ‘keys’, it is time to ask yourself, why?

Why are you not using the information coming forward to you that is coming from a loving and knowing place? It is intended to serve you and facilitate growth and forward movement. Why would you not be using those tools? The answers lie within. Nobody else knows the answers but you. And nobody can do it for you. There is nothing anyone else can do for you if you are not willing to help yourself. And that is the main reason many people become dissatisfied with a psychic. The psychic is offering information that some do not want to hear. It may be information that acts as triggers to issues from the past. Make no mistake, if a psychic is sharing information with you and it is something that makes you feel uneasy or information that is not easy to ‘hear’ – then this is the best thing that a psychic can do for you. Because they are putting that which is holding you back, right there in front of you. Yes, it may be a bold approach and very direct, but sometimes that is what it takes for a person to hear a message loud and clear. As humans, sometimes ‘it’ has to hit us over the head for us to get ‘it’. And if that doesn’t work and we are still not making any attempt to heal our own self and use the information to serve ourselves, then this is the moment of truth. It is time to ask if we want to live in the past … or do we want to live in the present, growing forward?