How Might Your Spiritual Guides be Trying to Get You Messages

I have been aware of my spiritual guides for many years and the key is being open and trusting myself to translate the information that they are sharing with me.  It would be nice sometimes if they were to just outright tell me what direction is best to go, on paper, in writing. Often that is not what I am open to, yet I believe it is possible.

Is it a game or about the fun of it?

Couldn’t tell You for sure.  I do know that the more I listen the easier it gets to ‘hear’ what is being shared. Eventually, I hope to be able to say that it is easier to follow through with what I am being told : )

When I am moving throughout the day often I will get messages from my guides and often messages from other people’s guides as well.  It is what I have agreed to.  I pass the messages on in the latter case and let go of what I hear as soon as I have shared with the intended recipient.

If I am feeling that more guidance would serve me then I will take special time above and beyond normal meditation time and ask the questions that I think will bring me clarity.  The key after that is to quiet my mind so that I may ‘hear’ the answers to what I have asked about.

Often the messages for me will contain visuals that I can relate to and connect with containing animals, symbols found in nature, and material objects I have around me.  Having been in the healing arena for so many years, a lot of information comes to me kinesthetically sharing where there are physical health issues, any emotions that are part of the inquiry, and where one might be holding resistance physically.

When I actually hear the gifts of insight they are loud and clear and the voice sounds like it is coming from a speaker to the right of me.

Likewise, when I receive information from others there will be objects, feelings, and words included in the message that has meaning for them.  Most of the time I am not privy to the full meaning of the message I receive for others and it is up to them to put the meaning to the message that serves them.

Some of the ways I receive information have happened spontaneously and in other ways, I have learned over time how to understand and be specific with what is shared.

I have known many individuals that have received messages that piqued their interest because the way the guides shared it was in a package undeniably noticeable.

Some examples:

When someone drives up to You in a dream to deliver a message and it happens to be the same color and make of car that You dreamed of for 4 years as a teenager.


when the message shows up to You in a vision of the form of an individual that You knew in a physical body that has passed away.


it is an overwhelming feeling that has absolutely no connection to what You are doing at the moment and has no history of having felt that way before (at least the first time You notice a message this way).


in a dream, a beloved childhood pet takes You down a path of discovery bringing your attention to the signs along the way.


recently I experienced my iPod doing strange things until I hit on a song that caused me to hear a message being shared, more of a reminder really. Remember spiritual guides are not limited by a physical appearance and can show up in many forms from angels to something as amazing as a pinpoint of cosmic light.  It is only limited by your imagination and willingness to accept the possibilities.


Yes, getting information this way is subjective and has differing degrees of clarity.  If You are really off in your understanding, trust that your guides will be working to get you more information to set You back on the track that matches your deepest heart’s desire.

Whatever way they share messages with You, be it auditory, visual, kinesthetic, a knowing, or something else they will do their best to deliver them in a way that You will relate to.

It is about accepting the insight that comes from the spiritual guides, in all their forms, and using it to best serve You in fulfilling what You came to do on this physical plane.