Are Psychic Abilities Evil? Are Psychics and Mediums “Of The Devil?”

It might surprise some people to discover just how frequently questions about whether the psychic ability is “evil” and/or “offensive to God,” are asked. It is especially surprising when one stops to consider the recent boom of television programs and movies that seem to demonstrate the popularity and, therefore, the inferred acceptance of psychics, mediums, paranormal investigation, and the like. Millions of people might well tune in to the latest episode of “Psychic Du Jour,” but that doesn’t mean that everyone in the viewing audience is accepting and open-minded. One need only perform a search for “Psychics, Mediums, and The Bible,” on any major search engine to be reminded of the fact that the belief that psychics, mediums, and psychic abilities are “evil” is alive and quite well.

Pic of A Evil Looking Psychic

In my experience, there are basically two types of people who ask psychics and mediums this question:

– Those who ask the question to promote or “prove” a belief they already firmly hold.
– Those who ask the question in order to expand upon or to form a belief.

The first group often presents the God they claim to represent as something quite different than what I have found Him to be. This group can become… extremely motivated…  in their attempts to convince others of “the evil of their ways.” When discussing beliefs with these fine folks, I present my answers in a straightforward and respectful manner. Though I must admit that, while in their presence, the temptation to let my eyes roll over white while cackling wildly and rubbing a crystal ball has been surprisingly strong at times.

The second group is generally made up of people who have serious religious or spiritual conflicts within themselves. They are usually open to discussion and tend to seek as much information as possible from as many sources as possible. Often, their concerns spring from a first-hand personal experience. Perhaps they have had an experience with a psychic or medium (or the paranormal) that has challenged their belief system. Perhaps they have had an experience that causes them to believe themselves to be a psychic or medium and they are struggling to reconcile their psychic abilities with their inherited religious belief system. Whatever the cause for their seeking, it is no doubt, sincere.

The truth is, I respect and applaud anyone who has the courage to ask big questions. How can we learn if we do not ask? How can we grow if we do not challenge and examine?

“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.“
~ William Arthur Ward

And I will happily discuss these topics and answer questions to the best of my ability if I have been invited to participate in a discussion rather than to listen to a “pitch.”

To those who are not psychics or mediums and who hold the belief that psychic medium ability is somehow “wrong” or “bad” or even, “evil,” – I encourage you to take some time and get quiet. Listen to the Voice inside of you and consider this:

Why would the gifts of a psychic or a medium be measured by any standard other than the standard by which all gifts, talents, and abilities are measured?

Are professional athletes in cahoots with the devil? Brain surgeons? How about carpenters? Homemakers (ever seen the average mother multi-task? If that is not supernatural, I don’t know what is!)? School Teachers? Musicians? Bicycle Mechanics?

To those who may be psychics or mediums themselves and are struggling to reconcile their abilities with their religion or spiritual path: I also encourage you to get quiet and listen to the Voice inside of you. It is no stranger to you. You know it well and, despite what you might think, you’ve always been able to hear it. Ask God how God feels about you and your abilities or your experience. Release toxic shame and guilt.

As for myself, no, I do not believe that psychics and mediums are against God, nor do I believe they are agents of the devil. I do not believe that psychic ability is evil. My ministry, my studies, the use of my psychic medium abilities, my personal passions, and my life as a whole share an ironical focus: to find and foster a spirit of unity rather than unanimity and to be an instrument of grace, light, and healing whenever possible.

Can psychics and mediums conduct themselves in a way that does not serve the Highest and Best good? Absolutely. Can psychic ability be used with harmful or malicious intent? Sadly, yes.

“Our talents are the gift that God gives to us…
What we make of our talents is our gift back to God”
– Leo Buscaglia