15 Spiritual Signs Your Ex Misses You


If one knows what to look for, spiritual signs your ex misses you are easily seen. The abrupt end of most relationships does not imply that the love between these people has ended. A couple can break up even if they are indeed soul mates, and, in such situations, the connection between them is not severed. For this reason, people still feel with their ex and know when they are thinking about them. Sometimes some signs make you believe strongly that your ex is thinking about you. These signs make you think they would like to reconnect with you. You shouldn’t ignore such feelings. Those feelings can only arise if you share so much in common during the active times of your relationship.

Even if you have no intentions of getting back together with your ex, it is still necessary to pay attention to signs. These signs could be they are missing you or thinking about you. You could be seeing these signs because there may be unfinished business. Business that you will need to complete or unsettled conflicts that you need to resolve before you can finally go your separate ways. For this reason, ignoring the signs will do neither you nor your partner any good along the way.

Spiritual Signs That Your Ex Misses You

15 Spiritual Signs that your Ex Misses you

The spiritual signs listed below may not be as extraordinary as you will think or imagine because some of them may sound like your average day-to-day experiences. However, the feeling that accompanies these experiences and the intuitive interpretation of the individual matter a lot as a pointer to what is being signaled.

1.  Appearance of their names

When you begin to bump into your ex’s name in documents, movies, or call logs, then there is a great chance that it is not a coincidence. It may signify that your ex is missing you and would want you to reach out. For example, the appearance of names may come in meeting new persons that bear the same name as your ex. Another example is hearing their name more often than usual. Or it could be seeing their name tags on a purchased product, and suddenly seeing an advert with their name boldly written, etc. If this is the case, you must understand that it may not be a coincidence, and your ex may be missing you.

2. Perceiving their scents

Sometimes, when your ex is missing you and is trying to reach out to you, their aromas begin to fill your presence. Whether at work, school, mall or at home, you get a robust influx of their scents that you think they are close to. Eventually, you discover that they are not around, and you feel that you imagine things. However, this is not the case because the experience may happen repeatedly, and this will show you that it is not an accident. The scent that comes with your ex usually makes you remember the moments you spent together, and that also arouses the feelings you shared.

3. Psychics talk about the return of a lover

Suddenly you bump into psychics and they speak to you about the return of a lover. This is a sign that your ex is likely missing you. Perhaps during your tarot reading sessions or psychic consultations, you frequently mention the possible return, which points to the fact that your lover is missing you and about to return to you. If this psychic talk goes with renewed feelings of being with that person, you are meant to meet and reunite.

4. Clairsentience

Having feelings of touch without the physical presence of anyone can indicate that someone you love (your ex) is trying to reach out to you. This comes in the form of one holding your hand, patting your back, or stroking your hair. The feeling is always so real that you think someone is present and doing these. Sometimes when the touches come with an immediate upthrust of emotions of love and memories of your ex, your ex may be missing you.

5. Clairaudience

Clairaudience is the loud echoing of your ex’s voice even in their absence. The loud voice usually happens in times of solitude when you are sure that there are no other people around you. The voice can be a familiar word or statement traditionally used by your ex, a song, or just a sound associated with your ex. When this begins to happen at intervals, it could result from feelings arising from your ex and could be interpreted that your ex is missing you. Clairaudience in this regard could also mean that you begin to hear words conveying a message from a voice that is like that of your ex.

6. Attraction to your ex’s properties

If you begin to have an unusual attraction to your ex’s properties, then it is likely that they are missing you. Even though the relationship may end, it is common to have some properties that belong to your ex. These could be articles of clothing, books, makeup kits, etc. When you suddenly begin to notice these articles of clothing more than usual or have the desire to use them, it may be a sign that the owner (your ex) is missing you. Bumping into your ex’s clothes three to five times a week while searching your wardrobe may not be a coincidence.

7.  You encounter them more often

It could be a coincidence that you meet your ex at a restaurant or in traffic. However, when this happens repeatedly, there could be more to it. Encountering your ex could mean that your ex is missing you. For example, it could be the situation when you encounter them over five times in a row without any actual meeting plans. It could be the result of the attraction between both of you growing stronger even at a distance, and this is because your ex is missing you.

8. Your thoughts about them grow restless

If you are suddenly getting an outburst of ideas revolving around your ex, they may probably be missing you at that point. This is especially true if no recent occurrence has brought back memories and if the thoughts persist despite your efforts to put them aside. It could signify a powerful reignition of attraction caused by your ex missing you from a distance.

9. Frequent Mood swings

Mood swings that you cannot explain, especially after a breakup, maybe a representation of the mood of your ex. Due to the love and connection between the two of you, it is possible that you suddenly start feeling the way they are feeling. At one time, you are happy, and the next second you are sad without a cause. It could be that you feel the sadness your partner is feeling somewhere else.

10.  Frequent Hiccups

Hiccups are a natural phenomenon. When hiccups happen at specific moments or in a pattern, it could be a pointer that your ex is missing you. The hiccups come like a reminder to alert you that someone somewhere is thinking about you and missing you. If your intuition immediately goes that your ex may be missing you when you have a hiccup, they are likely missing you. When you have hiccups, you can confirm if this has anything to do with your partner missing you. You can do this by observing any recognizable patterns that accompany them or other signs that may present themselves.

11. Dreaming about them

Dreams are one of the greatest ways to solidify our communication with the spiritual realm. Even if you are not very spiritual to perceive spiritual signs and messages, dreams are one of the ways available to each person. When you begin to have recurrent dreams of your ex, they may signify missing you. Dreaming is especially true when the scenes that present themselves to you are scenes of romantic encounters, love, and memories from the time of active dating. It could also be a dream where your ex talks to you about returning or missing you.

12. People around you talk of them frequently


When you begin to see people around you mention your ex frequently, it could signify that they are missing you. Perhaps at dinner, someone suddenly asks you about your ex or says something about them without being asked. It could be a point that they are missing you. This does not mean that once people talk to you about your ex, it immediately implies that they are missing you. That is not the case. However, when it is frequent, and there are visible patterns, it is probably the case that they are missing you. You can also take this as a strong sign when many other prior signs suggest the same.

13. Their energy begins to fill your being

Usually, when couples break up, there is a dislike that follows almost to detecting the other’s energy. However, when you suddenly begin to find your ex’s personality, it could signify that they are missing you. Just all of a sudden, the energy which you once detested begins to fill your being and gladden your heart. This energy filling your being could result from acceptance on your ex’s side.  This could be a sign that they miss you intensely.

14. Things begin to go wrong in love life

Sometimes, when you feel you made the right choice by breaking up and beginning to try out new relationships. Then things suddenly do not go as you have envisioned. There is always one thing that disrupts the new relationships you want to build. The most potent sign here could be discomfort which makes you feel that you are with the wrong person. You realize you made the mistake of leaving the right person meant for you. This could result from the connection you have with your ex and a sign that they are missing you.

15. You miss them intensely

Missing them is last but not the least. It could be one of the easiest signs to interpret. When you begin to miss your ex intensely and desire their return, there are greater chances that your desires will be replicated on your partner’s side. The trigger may not be just on your part because both of you are connected. You both missing each other means that the shared interest and connection make you miss them at that time. So, whenever the feelings arise in you, know that they may have also arisen in your ex.


The signs that your ex is missing you written above do not constitute the only signs you should expect. There can be various signs that are not mentioned in this article as well. The most important factor is one’s intuition. It would help if you were open to discovering what your mind is telling you in every situation. When you are open to your mind it will always hold the true interpretation of all the encounters. It is also better to wait for a confluence of two or more signs before you conclude that your ex is missing you. Receiving spiritual signs that your ex misses you does not automatically mean that you should get back together with them. Of course, that could be the case, but it is not always the case. At this time, it is then your responsibility to weigh the reasons for breaking up in the first place and decipher what your next steps will be.