Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming about your Ex

Dreams are known to have a spiritual meaning because dreams belong to the domain of operations of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is believed to represent all aspects of one’s life, state of affairs, repressions, thoughts, etc. It is in the subconscious mind that these are found in their totality. Your conscious mind can grasp an aspect of your experience and leave out some but your subconscious mind grasps and retains all. This is why dreams are believed to convey some aspect of your reality even if it is not yet clear to you. Whatever dreams you have conveyed some operations of the spiritual world and signals a possible futuristic occurrence in the physical world. Dreaming about your ex is the same thing and can have spiritual meaning embedded in it.

Even though you may take things lightly and consider it as any other dream, dreaming about your ex could be a signal to take a specific action in your life. The circumstances surrounding your present life and the break-up would also go a long way to explain what things may be considered in this regard. Dreams are not in themselves good or bad but depending on the happenings in the dream and eventual interpretation, it is possible to relate it as a good or a bad thing. Starting from the knowledge of what an ex represents, you could begin to draw out some inferences on what dreams about your ex would imply. However, you should bear in mind that there is no need to panic because whatever is shown to you in your dream actually comes in there for a purpose.

Dreaming Of An Ex Spiritual and Psychic Meaning


Spiritual Meaning of an Ex


It may be worthwhile to ask what an ex represents spiritually. This would lead to a clearer comprehension of what they may mean in your dreams or visions. In the physical world, an ex as the name implies is a partner that has parted ways with you. It is either you left them or they left you. Whatever be the case there is usually a reason for leaving each other. The reasons might also differ among partners. In the same way, the spiritual meaning could differ. An ex could represent an old life or an abandoned spiritual mission. It could represent an extinguished light or an outgrown stage of spiritual growth.


Ten Reasons you are dreaming about your ex


So many things could make you begin to have dreams of your ex. If you have entered into a new relationship the meaning could also be slightly different compared to one who has remained single after parting ways with an ex. Some of the reasons you are dreaming about your ex include:


#1 Fear of another heartbreak


You could be dreaming about your ex because you are thinking so much about the heartbreak that parting with them caused you and the fear of getting another heartbreak is engulfing you. When you have ended a relationship with a partner due to a misunderstanding or a sudden change in attitude that causes them to break your heart, it is possible to keep thinking or even dreaming about the occurrence because you are afraid to encounter another heartbreak.


#2 A part of you is still with your ex


Sometimes people separate and go their ways but they are not fully convinced of the actions they are taking. This is the reason so many people will keep on missing their partners and eventually dreaming about them. If you are frequently having the feeling that you may have made the wrong decision by leaving your ex, then it is common to have dreams about them.


#3 You shared almost your entire life with them


When you are truly convinced of the reasons for breaking up with an ex but you know that they already know so much about your life, you could also have dreams about them. This is because you gave them access to several aspects of your life with the hope that they will eventually become your life partners. Cutting away totally from them in an abrupt manner may not even be possible and this is why you are recurrently having dreams about them.


#4 You feel you hurt them


If you have done something bad to your ex just before a breakup and you are feeling guilty within you for such acts, then there is a good reason that you may be dreaming about them for this reason. The strong feeling of guilt will keep bringing up good memories of the times you spent with your ex and you will continuously blame yourself for treating them badly or hurting them. These will in turn be translated into dreams. Remember that dreams are not totally cut off from your reality, in fact, they represent them wholesomely.


#5 You blame yourself for the breakup


Blame Yourself For The Breakup When Dreaming Of An Ex

If you think of yourself as the cause of the breakup, there are chances that you will continue to think about how things would have been if you did not do this or that. Blaming yourself will eventually lead to dreaming about your ex and picturing possible scenarios you would have had with them if you did not put up the acts that led to the breakup.


#6 You have something you should tell them


Letting go of your ex at a time when you really feel like you need to tell them something is very crucial and of course, it is very common at such moments to have various dreams about them. The content of the dream may not matter so much as the desire to tell them something that has been bothering you for a very long time. In each of those dreams, it is likely that you are going to see yourself telling them something without them understanding it or you see yourself losing the opportunity to tell them something from your heart.


#7 You have an unfinished business with them


What if you had plans for the future with your partner just before a breakup, it will not be out of place to see the completion of those plans and desires in your dreams. Having an unfinished business with your ex could explain the reason that you are having dreams about them. The dreams will remind you of the plans you two made together and the promises you made to each other about the future.


#8 You are finally getting over them


Having dreams about your ex could also imply that you are finally getting over them. Most people spend weeks or even months crying over their ex and the relationship. When they eventually begin to have dreams about their ex, it could be a sign that it is finally time to let go and a new phase of life is about to begin for them.


#9 They are thinking of you


Another reason you are frequently dreaming of your partner is that they are thinking of you wherever they are. The thoughts they are having about you can resuscitate the connection that exists between the two of you and thus lead you into having dreams about them. This could be the case when the dreams are abrupt and not preceded by any thoughts of your ex.


#10 You desire to reunite


Having dreams about your ex could mean a strong desire to reunite with them. Perhaps you have gone over the breakup or you have forgiven them for whatever offenses you were holding against them. Dreaming about them in this case could indicate that you are ready to welcome them back into your life or that they are ready to welcome you into their lives.


Spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex


Apart from having reasons for dreaming about your ex, there are also meanings attached to each of the dreams that you have about your ex. Understanding the possible meanings of these dreams will go a long way to help you to take the right action. Some of the dreams people have about their ex’s include: reliving the experience of the years of active relationship, remembrance of promises made to each other, being haunted by ex, seeing ex’s success or failure, etc. The following can serve as general interpretations of the dreams about your ex.


#1 A sign of fixation


Having dreams about your ex could mean that you are getting fixated at one point in your spiritual life progress. The appearance of your ex could signify the stages of spiritual life which you should outgrow. As such, when they appear in your dreams, it means that you have some work to do in order to outgrow your fixation and advance in spirituality. The universe is merely using every means possible (in this case, your ex) to let you know that you must let go of certain things in order to avoid being fixated on a particular stage of life.


#2 Possible meeting with a soulmate


When you constantly see your ex in a dream, there are chances that your love life is about to make sense once more. This is usually true when your ex was someone you loved with your whole heart. In this case, your ex would represent a perfect soul mate who will come into your life and balance your love life once more.


#3 A reminder to fix your love life

If you are dreaming on an ex fix your love life

Most people go into shatters after they break up with their partners. They remain in such states for a long time without coming out of their misery. When dreams being to appear about your ex, it could be a reminder that you need to pay attention to your relationships and fix the broken aspects as required. It is a signal that you should stop ignoring the feelings you have within and stop caging yourself because there are so many people out there willing and waiting to connect with you.

#4 A sign of victory over old habits


Constantly seeing your ex in a dream could be a sign that you have won over old habits. In this case, your ex will represent the old habits you held on to without knowing that they were not useful for advancement. When you eventually realize that these old habits are no longer worthy of your personality, you begin to discard them in the same way as you discarded your ex who was no longer at the same level as you.


#5 You need to repay someone


Dreaming about your ex could mean that there is someone from the past whom you need to repay. Your ex in this case represents a close fellow from the past who will resurface in due time expecting to be repaid for a good deed performed in the past or favor granted at a time of need.




From the discussions above, you can discover that dreaming about your ex is not so much a bad thing as people paint it to be. So many people break up relationships in a bad manner and develop so much hatred for their ex. However, the primordial love which united the couple is not forgotten and must be recalled because there was a bonding due to love and that love cannot suddenly vanish entirely. This means that even though people have so many bad comments to make about their ex’s, there is still an atom of love which is the reason there was a bond in the first place. The best thing to do when you dream about your ex is to analyze the situations carefully, follow your intuition, and take action. If you are in doubt, it is wise not to take action because the universe will eventually get you to know or do what is required at the appropriate time.

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