What is the Best Zodiac Sign?


It may sound odd to talk about the best zodiac sign but nonetheless, it is not out of place because each zodiac sign has its characteristics and we can analyze the advantages under them with regard to their specific features. This article is focused on discussing the different zodiac signs there are and highlighting their advantages and disadvantages. It is then left for you to make a subjective choice of which one you consider the best and the reasons for making such a selection. In order to further the discussion on the best zodiac signs, it is important to understand what these zodiac signs are and what they represent.

What are Zodiac signs?

Zodiac signs are otherwise called star signs and each person is believed to be related to a particular zodiac sign. The zodiac signs correspond to the twelve months of the year as they are also twelve in number. Zodiac signs have proved to be a very popular way to measure a person’s personality asides from other methods like temperaments and the rest. The zodiac signs have a lot to do with astrology and that is why they are sometimes called astrological signs. Based on the stars in the sky and the movement of the heavenly bodies, astrologers attribute certain characteristics to those who are born within specific dates. Some cultures adopt the zodiac signs to describe the birth chart while some others do not regard them wholesomely. Whatever be the case, the characteristics of each zodiac sign have some bearing on the characteristics of individuals born in that month and as such should not be overlooked.

The Zodiac Signs

The Best Zodiac Signs

As stated earlier what will be contained here is more of a subjective view of the best zodiac signs based on research and the characteristics that present themselves. Below are the best zodiac signs in descending order:

#1 Leo


Those born within the range of July 23rd to August 22nd are considered Leos. They are represented by the lion symbol and governed by the Sun planet. Their powerful colors are gold and orange and they belong to the fire element. They are naturally fun to be with and can inspire others due to their creativity and passion to do things. They are considered to be highly spirited as they can brighten the mood of those around them. On the negative side, Leos can appear lazy and selfish and they feel they owe no one apologies for such. Even though they may require favors from others, they do not appear to be interested in doing the same for others. They are free to be with and fun to interact with too.

#2 Virgo

Those born between 23rd August and 22nd September are considered to be Virgos. They are represented by the virgin symbol and governed by the planet mercury. Their powerful color is navy blue and grey and they belong to the earth element. They are hardworking folks and dedicated to duty. They have a warm feeling which they present to anyone they encounter even though they hesitate in forming close relationships. On the negative, Virgos take life too seriously and they shy away from people while using excess work and focus to cover up their pitfalls.

#3 Aries

Those born between 21st March and 19th April are considered Aries. They are represented by the Ram symbol and governed by the planet Mars. Their powerful color is red and they belong to the fire element. On the positive, they are courageous and fearless. They also have a positive outlook on life which makes them enthusiastic about events in their life. Their level of organization and calmness makes them able to influence others towards achieving goals and facing trials. On the negative, Aries are difficult people to deal with on a closer range due to their temper and impulsive actions. When angered, they can cause great disaster without realizing themselves till after the event.

#4 Scorpio


Those born between 23rd October and 21st November are considered Scorpios. They are represented by the scorpion symbol and governed by the planets Pluto and Mars. Their powerful colors are crimson and burgundy and they belong to the water element. Their most outstanding quality is loyalty. They are able to take risks for others whom they consider friends. In the face of danger or adversity, they will act bravely for the sake of other people. On the negative side, they easily get jealous when their brave acts go unnoticed. They exert themselves to protect others and show love and can show anger when not appreciated. They are not trustworthy because their views about others get influenced regularly.

#5 Capricorn

Those born between 22nd December and 19th January are considered Capricorns. They are represented by the goat symbol and governed by the planet Saturn. Their powerful colors are dark green and brown and they belong to the earth symbol. They are ambitious and this leads them to self-control and discipline. They remain focused on their goals and are rarely influenced by other people or events around them. Despite knowing the possibility of things going against them, they are still confident to take action. On the negative side, they have the tendency to work alone because they look down on other people. They feel superior to others and expect others to listen to them. They can go the extra mile to revenge people who challenge them.

#6 Cancer

Those born between 21st June and 22nd July are considered Cancers. They are represented by the crab symbol and governed by the Moon planet. Their powerful colors are silver and sea green and they belong to the water element. They are bold about their emotions and express their opinions of others clearly. They are the best people to have as friends as they are willing to say the truth about how others appear to them. On the negative side, they are manipulators and they can go to lengths just to get what they want. Despite their reserved and calm attitude, they will defy their standards and take the center stage when things are not going in their favor.

#7 Pisces

Those born between 19th February and 20th March are considered Pisces. They are represented by the fish symbol and governed by the planets Neptune and Jupiter. Their powerful colors are pale green and turquoise and they belong to the water element. They are naturally brilliant and excel rapidly in several aspects like music, literature, mathematics, etc. They are gentlemen and act calmly towards others because they focus on the good sides of people. On the negative, Pisces are usually introverts and can hide their emotions from other people. They keep things to themselves and do not care if they are hurting the feelings of other people by being silent and reserved.

#8 Aquarius


Those born between 20th January and 18th February are considered Aquarius. They are represented by the water bearer symbol and they are governed by the planets Uranus and Saturn. Their powerful color is Electric blue and they belong to the air element. They are real achievers and work hard to meet up their goals. They have big dreams and are not afraid to pursue them. On the negative side, they can be overly rigid in their views and unwilling to see things from other people’s perspectives. They feel challenged when other people bring up counter opinions because they are clouded by emotions and unable to connect with reality.

#9 Gemini

Those born between 21st May and 20th June are considered Gemini. They are represented by the twins’ symbol and governed by the planet Mercury. Their powerful color is yellow and they belong to the air element. They are naturally fast learners and perform well in group tasks. They are calm and affectionate people who can connect with other people on a deep level. On the negative side, they are unable to work under pressure and can make mistakes when nervous. They have difficulty in decision making and this affects their relationships too.

#10 Sagittarius

Those born between 22nd November and 21st December are considered Sagittarius. They are represented by the archer symbol and governed by the Jupiter planet. Their powerful colors are purple and dark blue and they belong to the fire element. These individuals usually have a strong connection to their spiritual self and love taking up adventures. They have positive energy which also influences those around them. On the negative, they are sometimes, impatient with other people and can go on fantasizing hoping that others will see things from their own perspective. Their high spiritual connection can make them appear delusional at times.

#11 Libra

Those born between 23rd September and 22nd October are considered Libras. They are represented by the Scales and governed by the planet Venus. Their powerful colors are pale blue and pink and they belong to the air element. They love to please other people and can maintain relationships. They are inquisitive and always willing to learn. They count among the best readers and also love to share their knowledge. On the negative, they are known to hold grudges and allow minor issues to linger for long period. Their pleasantness and all go to naught once they are upset.

#12 Taurus


Those born between 20th April and 20th May are considered Taurus. They are represented by the bull symbol and governed by the planet Venus. Their powerful colors are pink and pale blue and they belong to the earth element. They are known as highly dedicated individuals who make sure to finish whatever they have started. They have a great liking for arts and sciences and they perform well with their special talents. They are also known for precision because they hate taking the long route to do something or say something. On the negative, these individuals tend to be closed up in their own world and they let only a few people in. They are usually stubborn and can hardly change sides in an argument because they feel they should not be wrong.

Compatibility of Zodiac Signs

From the list above and the description of the various characteristics which involve positive and negative attributes, we can see that no zodiac sign is absolutely perfect on its own. Each of them has a positive side that is commendable and a negative side that seeks improvement. Since the world is full of various individuals with varying zodiac signs and we are sure to meet various zodiac signs throughout the journey on earth, it is important to note that zodiac signs are compatible. There is no such thing as a libra only being able to pair or work with a libra. That is not true.

From the pluses and minuses, we can discover that some of the zodiac signs can combine more powerfully than others. It is for this reason that the study and understanding of zodiac signs are important. When you encounter a zodiac sign, you can emphasize the positive attributes and help them to avoid the display of their negative attributes. This will go a long way to help in the building of friendships, partnerships, relationships, etc. The primary information that should not be forgotten is that most zodiac signs are compatible and some are more compatible than others. However, by emphasizing the positive and relegating the negative almost every zodiac sign can work together.


The zodiac signs are only one out of many ways of describing a person’s personality. Nature and nurture also play an important role in the formation of an individual’s personality. Experience has also shown that all those who belong to a particular zodiac sign do not have exactly the same attitude. However, you can take the qualities of your zodiac sign as a pointer and leverage them for better progress in life. Find out what is best about your zodiac sign and keep growing from that angle. Merely exclaiming that your zodiac sign is the best will not change whatever attitudes you are exposed to and your dispositions accordingly. It is therefore priceless to be intentional about growth and development.