Weekly Horoscope For August 14th To August 20th, 2022

Here is your weekly horoscope for August 14th to August 20th, 2022.

If the past few weeks have felt more like college finals week than the empowering and glitzy Leo season they are meant to be, you are not alone. On the 14th, when the sun squares up with fixed Saturn, the energy reaches its pinnacle, forcing us to confront our limitations. This aspect’s advantage is that it is the ideal energy for setting up distinct limits. On the same day, Mars and Pluto make a connection, giving us the confidence to move forward while feeling vulnerable.

Thanks to Mercury trining Uranus on the 16th and Venus trining Jupiter on the 18th, highlighting insight, indulgence, and some revelry, things become lighter as the week progresses. Mars will then enter Gemini on the 20th. The action planet typically stays in a sign for six weeks, but due to an impending retrograde, Mars won’t leave the twins’ sign until late March 2023! Under this influence, we act more impulsively and adventurously in the world and resolve disputes through protracted text conversations. Yes, things could become chaotic, but as Steve Martin, a resident of Mars in Gemini, once quipped, “Disorder amid chaos isn’t amusing, but chaos amid order is.” Get ready to talk it all out because there will be a lot of thoughts and possibly too many words over the following seven months.

Weekly Horoscope For August 14th To August 20th, 2022




There is some disappointment in starting the week. Your automobile needs to be fixed, so you’re forced to work longer hours to pay for the repairs while forgoing a fun outing with friends. Although it seems like a sacrifice, this should be the last financial setback for the time being. By the end of the week, though, things start to ease down, especially after your ruling planet. Mars enters the sign of Gemini on the 20th, allowing you to resume socializing and your regular routines. This weekend, celebrate by going for a run or a bike ride around the neighborhood.


The adage for this week is “Keep going!”




You’re feeling frustrated with your lack of work/life balance at the start of the week. Even though you claim to want to stop checking your email at 6 p.m. every day or to refuse to respond to your boss’s texts on the weekends, you are constantly creating exceptions. On the 18th, when expanding Jupiter and your ruling planet Venus align, you’re motivated to take a day off work or at the very least an afternoon. Cleaning and cooking for even a short period are therapeutic for the soul.


The adage of the week is “Take a rest.”




You’re feeling let down with where you are now compared to where you think you should be at the start of the week. Even though your current circumstances don’t reflect your long-term goals, try to reflect on where you were at this time last year and how far you’ve come. On the 16th, spend some time in meditation or simply unwind with a podcast for a few hours and wait for inspiration to strike. You’re about to have much more energy to put yourself out there when Mars enters your sign for a lengthy stay on the 20th.


“I embrace where I am right now.”





This year, you’ve accomplished so much! Your pay increased! Your wardrobe has been improved! You just purchased your ideal sectional sofa! However, as the week gets started, you can start to feel as though what you have just isn’t enough because of a reminder about taxes, credit cards, or your BFF’s larger paycheck, which makes you compare and feel hopeless. But even until the end of the week, or perhaps longer, this feeling won’t endure. On the 18th, the benefic planets Venus and Jupiter will align, offering you a lucrative profession or money-making chance that boosts your confidence.


“Abundance pours in my direction.”




One of your closest relationships experienced a pivotal moment during last week’s full moon, and as the new week gets underway, you might be experiencing remorse or disappointment about what happened. Setting limits is never simple, but just because someone is angry doesn’t mean it was the incorrect choice. On the 18th, the love planet Venus makes a connection with abundant Jupiter, delivering a boost in confidence to finish your birthday season in style. Spend the weekend broadening your mind by going to a different restaurant, having meaningful talks with your favorite people, or enrolling in a class you’ve always wanted to take!


 “If I learned anything, it was worth it.”




You start the week with the impression that you’ll never be able to escape the grind, that the obligations keep piling up, and that the paperwork will never finish. Fortunately, on the 16th, Mercury, your ruling planet, aligns with creative Uranus, providing unexpected inspiration and a reminder that life won’t always be so difficult. After that, on the 20th, Mars enters Gemini, giving you additional vigor to pursue your professional objectives or simply leave the house and enjoy yourself more. Your diligence is bearing fruit!


“Inspiration will find me.”





Beginning of the week: You’re feeling a lot of community and friend support as you pursue your goals, whether they’re a new creative endeavor, a romantic relationship, or the decision to have another child. However, you can also sense the pressure of commitment and duty. On the 18th, when your governing planet Venus aligns with stimulating Jupiter, a motivational conversation with a friend or partner serves as a gentle reminder of all the things you are incredibly capable of. Keep going after your dreams!


“Joy is my prerogative.”




You’re coming to some harsh realizations at the beginning of the week regarding how challenges at home or with your family have prevented you from working toward your objectives throughout this year. Although your underlying problems are genuine, you must carry on with your daily activities. On March 20, your natal planet Mars enters Gemini, your shared resources sector, where it will remain through March 2023. This long-term influence is here to assist you in resolving some persistent power dynamics and obtaining the assistance you require to lead the life you deserve!


“stick with the process.”




You’re feeling stressed as the week gets started because of all the details that need to be arranged before you go on your upcoming trip, start your upcoming course of study, or create a new spiritual practice. Yes, sometimes the paperwork is necessary even for the most “divine” aspects of life. But by the 16th, you have your hotel reservations and course fees paid, and you’re ready to enjoy the ride! On the 20th, the action planet Mars enters Gemini and your relationship sector for a lengthy stay, raising the question: Who do you want to travel with you on your next adventure?


“I’m inspired by who surrounds me.”




As this week gets underway, you’re figuring out how to distribute what you gained (or what remains) appropriately after the full moon brought some exciting news regarding your finances or income. Even if creating spreadsheets to manage your debt repayment is never romantic, it is required. On the 20th, the action planet Mars enters Gemini and your region of the daily grind, signaling a prolonged period of working hard and getting in shape. Over the next seven months, consider how you may increase your workflow and fitness.


“I surrender what isn’t mine.”




Last week, the full moon in your sign triggered some powerful emotions. You have become your own harshest critic in many respects, and the pressure you place on yourself has become unbearable. Even though you feel like a failure, you reluctantly accept some motivating support from a friend as the week gets started. By the 18th, this low point is passed, and charming Venus joins forces with giving Jupiter, encouraging you to make more friends and participate in your community. There are a lot of people wanting to help, but you can’t accomplish everything by yourself. Simply ask.


“I ask, and I receive.”




You’re feeling a little dejected as the week gets underway due to office drama or a health issue that persists despite your best attempts to take care of yourself. Talking things out with your partner or a friend helps you feel better, even when it might seem like the best course of action is to isolate yourself. On the 18th, Venus makes a harmonious connection with Jupiter, your ruling planet, which signifies “Treat yourself!” You deserve this indulgence, even if it’s only splurging on a great salad for lunch!


 “I deserve wonderful people and good things.”