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Usually, a deep friendship precedes an Aquarius love match as a typical Aquarius desires first and foremost, a friend before the relationship grows into love. According to the typically Aquarius love horoscope, Aquarians have unpredictable, exciting, and fascinating love traits that are very appealing to most other signs.

The Aquarius character has a profound need for friendship that is reliable and dependable. This also applies in Aquarius’ love matches. An Aquarius lover, more than any other sign, wants a love partner who will be a best friend for life. The Aquarius lover makes tends to make their relationships very successful since Aquarians make sure their potential partner has a lot in common with them before they fall in love.

An Aquarius in love is very creative who will never be bored in this relationship. They express emotion in comfortable ways that may not necessarily grand displays of romance but are grounded in their true feelings and expression of their emotions. The Aquarius will go far beyond dinner and a movie with unique ideas and plans. The love match that is ideal for the Aquarius will be open-minded and free-thinking and often outside the box from mainstream society. This is because Aquarians themselves are free thinkers and will appreciate the same in their partners. They are also inventive, fascinating conversationalists, and very intelligent.

Compatible signs with Aquarius are the astrology fire signs of Sagittarius and Aries and the air signs of Libra and Gemini. Those born under the Aquarius sign are very often intrigued with Leo, as they are considered the royal sign of the Zodiac. Actually, The Aquarius and Leo’s potential for a compatible relationship reaches almost limitless heights. Leo admires the Aquarius way of being true to themselves and their individuality. Aquarius loves the excitement and fire that surrounds Leo and welcomes this incomparable fire sign into his or her life.


Personality Traits of Aquarius

People born under the sign of Aquarius are usually identifiable by their curiosity and their ability to make friends easily. While they are typically very independent in their way of thinking, they are also very good in social circles and getting along well with others despite their unconventionality. An Aquarius will often rebel against conformity. They can even be eccentric at times. While this tendency can often be an advantage, their desire to question just about everything can also lead them to be a bit judgmental and unsure of themselves at times. However, on the job, they are honest and diligent employees.

Love Traits of Aquarius

● An Aquarius can be a little reserved in expressing their feelings early on in a relationship but then will become really expressive once they feel comfortable with the other person.

An Aquarius is highly caring for those they love.

An Aquarius values honesty and sincerity in a relationship and expects the same from their partner in return.

● An Aquarius can be loyal to a fault and will remain with a loved one regardless of the circumstances.

An Aquarius is extremely sensitive and can be hurt easily. They place a high value on honesty in a relationship.

● An Aquarius is usually not a big fan of public displays of affection. They can feel uncomfortable kissing or even holding hands in public. In private, however, they can be extraordinarily passionate lovers.

An Aquarius will rarely get jealous. If they do, they will rarely make a scene preferring to keep their feelings to themselves.


An Aquarius is evenly balanced in a relationship. They rarely get overemotional because their passion is often tempered by their balanced thinking.

An Aquarius still prizes their sense of independence even when in a relationship. They do not do well with overly clingy or demanding partners.

An Aquarius is a very strong and supportive partner. They will make it a point to demonstrate their love and loyalty, especially in difficult times.

● An Aquarius will never let a relationship get stale or boring. Romance to them should always be innovative and filled with surprises.

Best Aquarius Love Matches: Libra, Gemini, Aquarius

Aquarius and Libra Love Compatibility
Aquarius and Libra share many common characteristics that make them excellent romantic partners. Both tend to be highly social individuals who have large groups of friends. Both are independent in nature but tend not to be overly demanding on their partners. They can respect each other’s desire to be independent without getting jealous or feeling neglected. Aquarius is attracted to the easygoingness and level temperament of the Libra, while Libra is attracted to Aquarius for their friendliness, honesty, and sense of independence.

Aquarius and Gemini Love Compatibility
Both signs share a very similar outlook on life. They love one another’s witty nature and typically enjoy having deep conversations. Gemini appreciates the originality and novelty of the Aquarius while the Aquarius admires Gemini’s sense of independence and unpredictability. The Aquarius will need to learn new tricks in romance in order to prevent diminishing passion from the Gemini.

Aquarius and Aquarius Love Compatibility
Two people born under the sign of Aquarius share compatibility as both enjoy having excitement and fun.  Since freedom is a love of both, they tend to respect one another’s liberty.  Since both are realistic and logical, they are destined to make a great match.