The Devil in New Orleans

Here is a story we dug up from acclaimed Psychic, Angela Thomas here is her website, it’s an interesting story and it tells you about the dangers of not taking a tarot card reading seriously. On a reading she done the devil card appeared and the story that follows is interesting to say the least.

The Devil Tarot Card

“Many years ago while living in New Orleans, Louis, a man that I worked with, was celebrating his birthday. As a gift to him, I decided to give him a psychic, tarot reading. Before I began the reading, I asked him if he had any specific questions that he would like me to answer. The most important question he had to ask was about an investment, a real estate investment that he and his wife were pondering over.
The real estate investment was the purchase of a second house, and this house would be used as a rental property. According to Louis, they would have to move into the house to fix it up for rent.
As I began reading, the ‘Devil’ card appeared in the house that he wanted to purchase. I was a bit alarmed. After all, the devil card has many meanings; good and bad, but I didn’t like this card associated with his house. The more I looked at it, the more disturbed I felt. I stopped and psychically meditated on it. When I did, I began to feel sick.”
“Whatever you do, do not purchase this house,” I advised. “The devil lives there.”
His eyes opened wide, and he looked down to the ground shaking his head. “But, this house is a really good price, and my wife and I have saved up all of these years in order to buy a home that we can rent to others. A rental house would provide the income that we need when we retire.”
“This house is not for you,” I insisted. “If you decide to purchase this house, it will not work out and you will not be there long.” I continued to read for Louis, and the more I did, the sicker I felt about the house.
Flash forward six months or so later. One afternoon I saw Louis and he looked to the ground. He would not look at me. As I approached him, he finally looked into my eyes. I knew something was terribly wrong.
“I’m sorry Miss Angela, I should have listened to you.”
That same sickness that I felt before had returned. “You bought the house, didn’t you?” I asked already knowing the answer.
“Yes we did, but I wish that I had listened to you.”
I was eager to hear his story. ”What happened?”
Louis was visibly shaken. “When we first moved into the house, everything was fine. My wife was especially excited because the house sat in the neighborhood that she grew up in. She loved the house and location so much that she said that she would prefer to retire in this house to be around her old friends.” Louis then hesitated. It was as if he could not find the words to say next.
I was waiting for some terrible news. You know the kind of news I mean? The kind that one has to swallow hard and clear the throat in hopes of being about to speak about it. “Oh boy,” I said recalling that very same feeling I had when I read for him. “What kind of devilish thing happened there?”
Louis seemed to struggle with the words that would come next. “We really didn’t notice it at first, but there was an old shed on the property. It set way in the back of the yard which was covered by a lot of overgrowth from the trees and bushes there. While it was still light, I went to the old shed to check it out. I noticed an old deep freezer covered in rust, and it had a large chain and padlock around it. I knew it had been there for a long time because it was rusted and the shed itself was falling apart. I had plans to tear the shed down when the time came to do it, but first I was going to open that old freezer to see what was in it.”
A rusted freezer with a chain and padlock around it did not sound good. My stomach felt queasy and watching his face told me there was a whole lot more to the story.
By now, Louis had tears forming in his eyes. “I went back inside and my wife and I began to work indoors. We worked into the evening, and after we stopped working, I remembered about the freezer in the shed. I looked around for something to open the padlock with and I made my way out to the shed with a flashlight in hand. I worked and worked until I opened the padlock, and when I opened it up, there was a large trash bag inside. When I pulled the bag out and placed it on the ground, I heard a lot of clanking, and I opened it up.” He sounded choked up.
Louis could not say it. Not at first. He hesitated to say what was inside the bag.
I adjusted my voice to be as soft as I could when I asked, “What was in the bag. Louis?”
“There were many skulls in the bag! Every skull had a hole in them with the same size and in the same place.  It looked like drilled holes in them.”
“Oh my God, did you call the police?”
“Hell no, I didn’t call the police. I called my attorney!”
“Why in the world would you call your attorney instead of the police?”
“Because I am a black man and I didn’t think the police would believe that I didn’t do it. That’s why I called my attorney first.”
I found out that Louis’ attorney called the police. The New Orleans Police Department investigated the matter, but Louis never found out what the results were from the investigation. He and his wife moved out immediately and back into their first home. He later listed the second house and property for sale.
The devil card was very revealing. Had I looked into it psychically a little bit more, I would have known that multiple murders had taken place there. You see, the devil card represents many things, and the worst-case scenario is that of murder.
Since reading for Louis in New Orleans, I always pay attention to the devil card and where it lands in the spread. And from time to time, I am led to Louis’ story, and that lets me know to look further into the negative side of the devil.