The Cat That Wouldn’t Leave The Tent

This summer I decided to buy a tent to place at the Market Square Saturday events in order to promote my Reiki service locally.

Well, one week I decided to put the tent up in the backyard in order to sleep out under the stars. My chance to feel closer to nature in a way.

So I put this tent up and decide to do some drawings and read some. Within about 5 minutes of me relaxing in my new shaded tent, here comes this black cat from out of nowhere. First, he decided to linger around the tent. Then at one point, he figured out how to get in the tent! At first, I thought it was kind of cute — since I always liked cats, but then it got to be sort of annoying.

This cat would not leave the tent. When I eventually showed him away, he would scratch his claws on the outside of the tent and then find a way to get back inside. At one point I thought he had left for good, but when I left the tent and looked up at the house — this cat decided to climb up the balcony steps and then proceeded to wait at the sliding glass door. Eventually, a little boy next door let the owners know their cat had been wandering around and to come and get it.

Emotional Challenges

No matter how we try to get away to feel good, escape, or run away from our inner issues — they will eventually find a way to come back. And sometimes the harder we run the other way from OURSELVES and what we avoid facing…the more it is in our face.

You may find people running away through the use of “feel good” things, which can be an overindulgence of food, alcoholic beverages, drugs, sex, gambling, spending money, etc.

But then you will find after doing these things “to escape” what is really going on deep down within — there is a guilt that sets in right afterward. The feeling of “What have I just done?!” or “Why do I keep doing this to myself?!” The guilt is a great indicator that there is an issue that needs to be faced. And the guilt and inner turmoil can be so annoying and LOUD that we just want something to shut it up or make it go away.

Saying daily positive affirmations is a great way to assist in changing our thought patterns, but it still does not counteract us facing what needs to be let go emotionally in our lives. It becomes another way of trying to quiet the annoying loud voice within our heads.

Face The Emotion And Let It Go

Part of my journey in regards to emotional releasing has been to face it, feel it, and let it go. Since I can feel the pain on an energetic level…it is not always the easiest for me to go through, but I know it is necessary for my emotional and overall growth. Not only do I feel the pain, but I also feel the emotions that I have buried, which can be still painful. But afterward, there is such a huge weight lifted.

So what do you do?

Set the intention for yourself to let go of anything /or emotion that no longer serves you. And start to recognize and become aware of how you feel. Your heart may start beating fast or you may feel this sluggish feeling. Whatever it is…become aware of YOU and how you FEEL.

Pay attention. Not only to dreams but also to ideas and thought patterns. These will also be great indicators of what is going on within you. If you are finding it difficult to feel your way through this process of release, then — If you need assistance, ask for it! The Divine is always there to assist. Try not to build up any worry.


If you want to go a step further…you can get the assistance of a Reiki specialist, an acupuncturist, or even a massage therapist to find out where you are actually holding this stress physically. Depending on what part of the body you are holding these toxic wastes, can say much about what needs to be let go.

If you are interested in getting detailed personalized analysis on your energy body chakras to assist in your understanding of where you hold these toxic energies (emotional blockages) and understanding why…please do not hesitate to contact me. I am able to tune in by way of feeling and seeing where the blockage lies in your body.  “Personalized Chakra Report“

One more thing

Julie with A Clear Sign mentioned in the comments that there is a song that goes with this article about “The Cat Came Back. Just had to post a rendition of it

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