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LOVE SPELL TESTIMONIAL FROM SOUTH AFRICA Hi, my name is Mofokeng from Pretoria, South Africa.

I am a big fan of spell casting and my family and friends use spells a lot whenever they have got problems in their relationships, financially or in terms of security. But we mostly cast love spells.

Relationships are not straightforward for all of us. As men, we face problems in our relationships but we don’t want to come clean. I am 29 years old and I have been casting spells for three years now. I am not yet married but my two friends are contentedly married because of these love spells.

I am in a relationship with my lovely fiancé and we have been together for five years now. For the past two years, we have been one of the most joyful couples ever and that is due to love spells. My mother and father have been together for thirty years now because they cast the binding love spell. Powerful love spells work and here in Pretoria, South Africa we believe in real spell casting and our spell caster is none other than, Maama Aziz.

*Results may vary* MONEY SPELL TESTIMONIAL FROM SOUTH AFRICA Hey, this is Naidoo from Durban, South Africa. I come from the villages and that is where people are suffering a lot from financial issues. But some are not and that makes others wonder how some people can be successful financially while they are from the same village.

The reason is simple, some people in the villages still believe in tradition and culture. And with that, they know that spell casting can help them out in such issues. I have cast job spells for myself. When I finished studying I stayed at home for six months without a job until I cast the job seeker spell and today I have a job.

My mother is running a very successful business because of the business money spell. Some other guy in town won the lotto and they said he was casting spells by Maama Aziz.

*Results may vary* Hey, this is Olga from Liverpool, UK. I would like to send my testimonial to the woman I regard as the best spell caster. This woman helped me when I was in a very tough situation with my family.

It is very complicated to have a family while you cannot take care of them successfully. When my wife lost her job things went all messed up at home because I couldn’t take care of them.

I tried talking to my employer trying to convince him to increase my salary to the one I deserve but he gave me an option of quitting if I kept on nagging about the salary issue. Then, I read about this spell caster who cast the spell to increase your salary without you talking to your employer and I realized that this is an opportunity to grab.

I contacted her and she cast me this spell with success. After a week my boss called me and told me that my request has been accepted. I was more than happy because I knew that from then I could take care of my family. Thanks a lot. *Results may vary* Hi, there my name is Oscar from Kent. My life has been hell lately. Although some say my friends are to blame, to me, I am the one to blame. After three years of happiness and joy that I had together with my fiancé, things went wrong when I began going out with my friends.

We used to drink a lot and when I came home late, I paid no attention to my family and it did not stop there. I had an affair with one of her friends and she couldn’t stand that. She left me and I only realized after that, she is the one I need. And it was not going to be easy for me to get her back after all the pain I caused her. My friends were nowhere to be seen at that time, I had to suffer on my own.

I searched for help and I even tried the Internet. I found Maama’s website.

I read about her lost lover love spell. At that time, I wanted anything to help me.

I called her and we arranged everything. she cast for me, her lost lover spell and things went the right way. In two weeks’ time, we were back together and I didn’t have to struggle to look for her anymore.

We have been together for three months and I have shown her that losing her was the worst thing ever.

Thanks a lot, mama. You are the best.

*Results may vary* – Hi, this is Barbara from Dubai.

Life can come up with a multiplicity of problems and issues, particularly in relationships. I wish everyone had a chance to know who they are falling in love with.

Simply because we fall in love with people we don’t thoroughly know. Then all of the sudden they adjust their behavior. But love is something else. Love is a very strong feeling that you cannot effortlessly desist. As long as it is real and true then it needs tolerance, patience, and composure.

I was involved in a relationship requiring perseverance. My fiancé always came up with mysterious actions. He would come home drunk and would yell at everyone in the house over negligible topics. He ended up cheating on me and wouldn’t want us to talk about it, instead, he would just threaten me and would point at me with his gun and slap me.

My children were observing all that but I couldn’t arrest him because of what I felt about him. But I went to Maama Aziz and asked for the binding love spell and the love spell to stop a cheater. Soon after casting these spells he changed and went back to the normal guy I fell in love with. Thank you, Maama Aziz. –

Hey, this is Alex from Dubai. I just want to tell you out there that spells do work and there is absolutely no need in you waiting. If you can find the real spell caster then go and cast a spell for any difficulty you have got. I know that you may doubt this thing of spell casting. I also doubted it but today I am the one telling you to go and ask for it.

When I first heard about this guy I was tempted a little bit to read his testimonials and to know that he is casting spells in many countries like that. I had to give it a try.

I went there and cast the love spell to stop a lover from cheating. I knew that I would need a powerful spell for my fiancé to stop cheating because I have been talking to her a lot and she even suggested that we have an open relationship. I love her so much I cannot do without her.

So, I cast this spell and I waited to see. We didn’t talk a lot about cheating those days, I just kept quiet and left everything to the spell. And in four days’ time she came to me and apologized and she began coming home early, she talked about faith and honesty and after that, there was no cheating. We were very happy together. I urge you to trust spells cast by Maama Aziz, they worked for me.


Hi there, I’m Thandeka from KZN. Finding a lover can be a little bit hard and tricky but when it comes to getting back to your lover, it’s much more stressful and hard to achieve. Those are the words you state if you have not yet considered love spells for your relationship issues. It took me some time to find my soul mate and I realized that she is the one but due to being influenced by friends, I messed up completely.

Out of all my friends, only one of them was there when I had to try and get back my true lover.

He recommended that I try the spell caster. And I did just that, I went to Maama Aziz’s website and I called him. We arranged everything and the spell cast for me. With her powerful lost love spell, *Results may vary*