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Tips on how to be a Successful Student at the Psychic Nest For over five years now, Ive spiritually assisted men and women from all walks of life and learned a lot about the human mind, body, and soul along the way. Many of my students have reached a spiritual awakening and great balance in their life because of my intuitive guidance, but some students were not so lucky. When they fell out of balance and they fell hard.

I could only try my best to pick them back up so that they stand again on their own two feet. As a Spiritual Life Coach, it is my job to keep my students on an emotionally balanced path that fits their unique lifestyles the best, but it takes two to tango! It is nearly impossible for a Spiritual Mentor to help a student who doesn’t want to be helped or is not willing to help themselves when opportunities present themselves.

It is just as much the job of the student as it is the teacher’s job to work hard to give and receive education and guidance. In all my years of being a Spiritual Educator, Ive had the privileged of witnessing many of my students become great people with strong emotional balance and a life they love.

Successful Alumni of The Psychic Nest Academy Had These Essential Things In Common: Fearless motivation to challenge life-long religious, spiritual, and cultural belief systems. Vulnerable acceptance of personal strengths and weaknesses. Willingness and determination to succeed with spiritual guidance. Emotional openness to embracing spiritual growth and change. Honest character, trust in yourself, and faith in the Psychic Nest Educators. Balanced focus on the spiritual life goals you want to achieve.

Now let’s talk about the not-so-successful stories! I am actually grateful for the unfortunate experiences I had to endure in assisting my students that have fallen apart sometime during the process of my spiritual guidance because these dilemmas taught me how to rescue distressed people in need of spiritual direction. Those situations allowed me to witness firsthand what spiritual imbalance looks like and gave me the training I needed to make sure it rarely happens to my students in the future.

Ive become an extraordinary teacher because of how I was able to learn from my mistakes during the negative moments in my teaching career, not because of my accolades.

5 Beginner Tips On Spiritual Balance Life Fulfillment!

These are fundamental guidelines I have my students follow as perquisites before receiving spiritual guidance or education from me. To maintain emotional balance in your daily life, follow my holistic pointers that have been inspired by the Psychic Nest Motto, a motto made of three basic principles of The Psychic Nest Curriculum and they have paved the road for our students to graduate from the Psychic Nest Academy knowing who they are and where they belong, empowered and beautiful from the inside and out! Sleep 8 Hours A Day Sleep is the most important part of physical health maintenance and it is the same for the spiritual.

When we tell first-time students that the highest priority requirement preceding spiritual training and coaching with the Psychic Nest is 8 hours of sleep, they often think we are joking and have a good laugh. But in fact, we are all too serious about it.

We know how exhausting spiritual activity can be from our years of experience. If you do not have proper rest before a past life regression, the emotional intensity of the energy work wears out the body and will either put you to sleep or cause you mental strain. Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours every night and you will wake up refreshed, balanced, and ready for a new day! If you find yourself losing out on sleep, it is important for you to rekindle your regular sleep schedule as soon as possible.

Make sure to keep a log of the hours of sleep you have missed throughout the week and sleep extra hours on the weekend to replace those missing hours. Sleep deprivation is unhealthy, unsafe, and maintaining emotional balance is almost impossible to do while running on less than 6 hours of sleep a night. Eat Healthy Balanced energy consumption is the second most important part of maintaining good spiritual and emotional health.

Your physical energy and stamina are directly linked to your spiritual capabilities. Natural foods are high in nutrients and spiritual energy, so try your best to keep up with a healthy natural diet filled with vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

There is no reason to go completely vegan or vegetarian because it’s very labor-intensive to keep up with those diets and demands much attention. Try to keep away from junk food, candy, soda, red meat, coffee, or artificially preserved foods to keep your body feeling fresh, light, and energetically balanced. And of course, stay hydrated with at least two liters of water a day.

Skipping breakfast is a big mistake and so is eating right before you sleep. In the morning, the body is ready to process food to jump-start the day, so nutritious breakfasts are very welcome to our bodies. Late into the night, the body slows down its digestive functions to a near stop before sleep, so stop eating food about 3 hours before sleep and just drink water until then.

Respect your body’s natural patterns and embrace them. Our bodies usually know best what, when, and how to eat, so learn how to listen to the signs your body expresses. If you have an issue eating regularly throughout the day and tend to eat too much or little, then try a progressive eating plan: eat a large breakfast, medium-size lunch, and smaller dinner and snacks. If that’s still too much to eat in one sitting for you, try a spaced-out eating plan (my favorite): eat a small meal every 3 hours throughout the day.

Clean Your Mess You literally are the messes you make. When we create messes in our homes, how we react to them usually reflects how we feel deep inside.

If you are lazy and rather not clean, it shows emotional stress and sometimes depression. If you are pushing your messes to the side or hiding it under the bed, it shows emotional ignorance and avoidance from your problems. When you leave your mess in someone else space without picking up after yourself, it might show selfishness, clumsiness, and how consciously unaware you are of your surroundings.

Clean it up! Don’t let your messy room define who you are. Take steps to keep clean and organized so that your spirit feels free in the space you live in. The objects we own have energy and when our home is cluttered, it distorts the energy we surround ourselves with. So emotional and mental focus is hard to keep in a dirty space.

Some say that your mess can also feed into creativity, but there is a fine difference between messy and dirty. How organized your living space usually reflects how emotionally balanced you are.

And if you want to practice spirituality, having a clean bed or floor to meditate on makes all the difference! Create Your Own Exercise Routine Physical activity is vital for the human body to stay flexible and healthy. Using a workout routine can really help you regulate your weight and emotional stress too.

Physical exercise gives the body away to release energy in a very productive way and at the same time, it allows for you to have deep moments of contemplation, which promotes strength in individuality. To determine the best workout routine for you, try experimenting with many different types of exercise.

You are unique and there is no way you can simply copy the formula of physical fitness someone else is using and expect the same results for your body. There is a large variety of exercise methods out there like yoga, belly dancing, Zumba, kickboxing, and even a stroll in the park. Find which one works best for you and create a weekly workout schedule to follow that will keep you on track and in shape. Physical exercise has a substantial effect on your spirituality!

If you stay home all day and be a couch potato right before working with a Spiritual Teacher, you will emotionally express that physical laziness in your efforts to learn spirituality.

If you have a nice walk in the sun and a decent breakfast right before spiritual schooling, then that physical balance will carry over into your emotional one. Balancing physical health gives you a great head-start on any spiritual practice. Meditate Maintaining emotional balance is the key to spiritual health

Life can get really hard sometimes, but it’s how we bounce back to balance that matters most. Maintaining balance is not about avoiding imbalance whatsoever, instead of it’s about embracing your imbalances with balanced intentions. Avoiding your problems and emotional stresses is not going to help your reach spiritual maturity.

There are millions of ways to escape reality, but what you really should be doing is embracing your reality so that you can make changes for the better. Find a way to relax your nerves, space your responsibilities, and still do what makes you feel inspired to live. Never underestimate the value of quiet alone time to reorganize your busy thoughts.

Look for a relaxation method that works best for you so that you have time to hear your inner thoughts and emotionally exhale. Meditating is an absolute method of physical and spiritual balance. Meditation is the practice of physical and emotional relaxation and contemplation.

Some people use meditation for religious purposes and some use it to connect with the divine. There are many ways to meditate and here at the Psychic Nest, we suggest that you find a meditative practice that perfectly benefits your emotional state. You can meditate on a rug, on the floor, on your bed, or even laying down on your back (my personal favorite).

Try using music to help you meditate! I use emotional music when I meditate and it helps abundantly. If you hope to learn spirituality, you need to first find a meditative preference to help you develop new spiritual skills and to give you a comfortable way to self-reflect. The Earth is changing and the consciousness of humanity is evolving in this new age! Let the Psychic Nest help you take your first steps towards spiritual enlightenment and soul-balance today!

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