Sexual Spirituality

“Sexual Integrity”


When you hear that word, it immediately provokes a response in you, like a resonance in your humanity that feels linked to sexuality through primal instincts. The subject of sexuality provokes fear, lust, happiness, desires, and sometimes even pain for so many of us. Sex can be relaxing at times or in some cases stimulate carelessness and uncontrollable urges that end up in regrettable mistakes.

Sex is a big deal in human culture. No matter which way you look at it, sex carries importance in your life. It is your responsibility to stay educated about it and use it correctly, otherwise, you can lose connection to it and in worst cases, lose control of it.

Let talk about sex! What is it used for and is it even necessary? Of course, it is! The existence of sexual intercourse is part of the reason you’re alive and breathing, so if you are disgusted with sex, you’re pretty much disgusted with life itself. Sex is nothing to be disgusted with and is a very natural miracle that brings life into our world one newborn at a time. Just for a second, let’s look at sex in an elementary way: Man and woman meet, they display interest and they have sex. A female gets pregnant and births new life. That child grows up to be a man or woman. The cycle repeats.

Question: What’s missing?

Answer: Everything that matters!

Sex is not just about primal instincts and pheromones. Sex is about the soul. Our sexual spirituality is linked to our self-identity. Sex is emotional and it stimulates all of our senses. The act of sex can be beautiful but is too often used for personal gain on our planet.

Because of how sex has become such a degrading force in our present-day society, our minds tend to regard sex as strictly a primal bodily function in fear of how it may negatively influence us. Sexual ignorance causes humans to sexually explore the world in the most disrespectful ways.

Humanity is currently culturally fractured by the exploitation of sexuality in today’s public media in the deepest subconscious ways, but it is not irreversible. In order to reverse sexual ignorance that has been taught to you, you need to start exploring sexual integrity.

To have Sexual Integrity means to be sexually authentic to who you are and how you feel, with respect and soul balance. In my experience as a Past Life Therapist, I have seen what sex was like in many different lifetimes and cultures. While witnessing sexuality in past lives, I realized that sex used to be so much more pure many lifetimes ago. At first, I didn’t quite understand why there were so much more distortions about sexual knowledge today rather than before. I learned about the real beauty of sexuality through exploring the existence of creational priesthoods from various ancient cultural histories.

Ancient Hindu depiction of sexual spirituality.
At the beginning of every civilization I’ve witnessed, there were a few souls chosen to begin and nurture a new race into fruition. There were temples built to channel and enhance creational energy (cosmic sexual forces) within it so that when the first men and women would have sex, they could have it safe and blessed in the temple.

As the populations grew, priesthoods were created of a few men and women who chose to learn sexual creational magick (tantra) to aid in establishing a smooth creative culture in society. Priesthoods and their temples in past lives were the equivalents of doctors and their hospitals in our world.

Most ancient temples that are scattered all across our planet today are age-old remnants of these priesthoods from long ago. Their main purpose was to create a balanced foundation for the creation of a race of people from its elders. These temples were very sexually charged. Pretty accurate depictions of these priesthoods can be seen on the walls of some Hindu temples that still stand today. Sex was a beautiful and widely accepted art form in many past lives, but nowadays sex is seen as taboo and disgraceful. What a big difference.

Humans have a bad habit of disrespecting their own sacred sexuality with demeaning acts of sexual ignorance. Some examples of sexual ignorance are rape and polyamory. Polyamory is the practice of having multiple soul partners at once. This type of relationship is ignorant to the human nature of duality and huge disrespect to the union of love and commitment. I have had this discussion with many of my students and clientele and some had valid points in choosing to be polyamorous.

It is not wrong to sexuality open yourself up to multiple people; it’s actually a natural homage to ancient priesthoods we can trace all of our human lineages to. What’s demeaning about it is the attempt to carry soul partnerships with multiple people, try to emotionally commit to all of them, and to claim that you love each one very deeply when you know you are just one person and that your soul cannot be stretched that far.

Artistic depiction of sexual spirituality in a sacred tantric union.
Love is a sacred partnership between two people that are the core to the most powerful sexuality (making love) and it varies in every relationship.

One of the biggest mistakes humans today make all the time is the attempt to find love through sex. It is disrespectful to yourself and to others when you choose to put sex before your emotional efforts. Yes, sex is an emotional act of the body and soul in unison but that in no way means that it is the defining factor in any relationship. If sex was the number one priority of all emotional interests, we would each be dating others with the highest fertility rates.

Sex is an extension of human love and emotions. Sexual spirituality and energy run through each one of us naturally and you should never strictly resort to sex to establish a loving connection with anyone.

Sex is powerful and very spiritual as it is physical. All too often do people use sex as a drug because of its stress-relieving properties. This is because sexual energy is healing energy. The creational forces flowing through our bodies is sexual in nature and the natural energetic sources of healing energy coming from our souls are just as sexual. Sexual orgasms have healing properties that are ushered in through a response of pleasure and euphoria. When you ejaculate during sexual activity, you briefly open a channel to your pure soul, and healing energy flows up through the body to heal wounds, emotional distress and promote creativity.

Emotional balance is the key to sexual integrity. What people don’t quite realize today is that sex is a creative art form and when creating art, emotions carry a strong influence on the outcome.

If you have imbalanced or negative intentions during sexual activities, the outcome will have an energetic and emotional response of the same nature. Your intentions and emotions matter to your sexuality. In order to live with sexual integrity, you need to always be the real you and aspire to feel fully accepted and cherished for who you are during every intimate moment you have by yourself or with a partner.


We live in a distorted world that has degraded the true value of human sexuality. But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost, because absolutely anyone is capable of achieving sexual integrity.

Start with attempting to be truly authentic to who you are and to have the highest respect for your body, soul, and emotions during your most sexual moments. Sexuality tends to touch the deepest wounds we carry, so be honest about them so that healing may come your way. Be respectful and courageous about your desires. Be proud of your sexual spirituality!

The Earth is changing and the consciousness of humanity is evolving in this new age! Let the Psychic Nest help you take your first steps towards spiritual enlightenment and soul-balance today!