Reincarnation and the Afterlife

The Truth About Heaven and Hell In my experience as a Past Life Therapist, I’ve witnessed the rise and the fall of the greatest civilizations, and the one thing I’ve noticed that spooked even the most fearless of warriors throughout ancient history is the loss of existence.

From my observations, humanity’s number one fear has always been non-existence because it goes against everything that makes us human. We live, we breathe and we thrive, so to no longer exist tomorrow makes us question the purpose of life.


Humanity often confuses non-existence with the concept of Death. Non-existence is a choice to embrace soul-isolation and Death is a law of creation. Each human soul is as ancient as the stars above.

Everything and everyone exists, even if something doesn’t exist yet, it exists in the future. When someone reaches a point of non-existence, it’s because they are so physically and spiritually impaired by their removal from the natural connection they had to live themselves.

To not exist means to not be connected to the rest of existence, simple as that. The confusion between Death and non-existence comes from the way Death has been used as a form of control by many tyrannical entities throughout the time that chose to exist far away from the Source of all creation.

The problem for them was that non-existence is non-sustainable, so in order to sustain a state of non-existence, a soul must anchor or feed off other souls to survive, which was usually achieved through murder.

The Law of Death has received such a bad reputation because of these ancient tragedies that surround it. Death is nothing to fear. Death is simply a rite of passage for souls on their way into the Afterlife.

The Law of Death is part of the cycles of conscious life called Reincarnation. When a human dies on planet Earth, their soul takes a trip through the Afterlife to cleanse themselves of impurities, to review their karmic lessons, and to plan out the next lifetime in search of a better solution for their Karma. The Law of Death was a key part of the establishment of the Reincarnation cycle to help balance out the staggering number of causalities caused by cosmic wars throughout time.

Reincarnation is similar to a school that teaches you essential life lessons within a progressive stream of lifetimes you live through. Each lifetime you live is like a classroom where you can learn a course of study and the Afterlife in between each life is like a summer vacation in between semesters where you can reflect on the events of the past school year.

Egyptian depiction of the Afterlife, The Hall of Two Truths, Temple of Truth Justice. There are many planes of existence throughout the Afterlife but only two realms that preside over the entire path; the Afterlife begins and ends with the Underworld and the Heavens. These two realms are the gateways in and out of the Afterlife. Contrary to popular belief, heaven is not superior to hell, they are equals.

The Underworld is the first realm you pass through when you die. It is located under the Earth’s surface and only accessible through creational doorways of Death. The Underworld is the realm of reflection, cleansing, and transformation.

At the gate of the Underworld is the Temple of Truth Justice. Life contracts from the previous lifetime are reviewed there and the intentions of each soul that pass through are judged by The Scales of Fate. Most souls pass through with ease, but some have to wait in the Underworld much longer for further review to help suggest a method of atonement for the next lifetime to come. Yes, there are special places malicious souls go when they die.

Convicted souls do not get shipped off to a realm of eternal suffering, but more like a detention center of the Reincarnation cycle. Some call this place Limbo. Let’s just say malicious souls progress through the Afterlife much slower than everyone else because the process of helping them solve their Karma gets really complicated.

And yes, there is a pit of eternal flames burning in the Underworld and every soul passes through them after they have been judged at the gate. The flames cleanse the souls who pass through them of their impurities and of karma that doesn’t belong to them.

Many families press unfair emotional issues on their deceased relatives and the flames of the Underworld remove those burdens if the soul passing through requests it. The gateway to the Heavens is through the flames of the Underworld.

Its flames are like a net that catches the suffering and negativity of all souls that pass through. The holy flames dissolve souls into a pure form of aether as they get lifted from the Earth up into the sky towards the gates of the Heavens. The Heavens