Psychic Skills: Shamanic Journeying

Finding your power animal Developing psychic skills requires expansion of the boundaries of perception.

This means letting yourself become comfortable with the notion that there are other realities beyond the one in which most of us wake up and go to an office most days. Shamanic journeying offers a way to venture into non-ordinary reality to become more fluent in the language of psychic abilities.


Since for many people, the idea of visiting non-ordinary reality may sound both attractive and a bit daunting to some people, it is helpful to have a guide to welcome you and aid you. Connecting with your spirit animal, also sometimes called a power animal, can give you the confidence to explore the world beyond mundane reality.

Spirit animals reside in an alternate reality. They can guide, protect and help you as you begin to learn to explore this alternate space through shamanic journeying. Their advice can also help you deal with challenges and conflicts in mundane reality.

Many tribal cultures, as well as modern witches and pagans, believe each individual is born with at least one spirit animal.

Shifting consciousness through music Shifting consciousness into other realities is a natural function. Many spiritual masters believe that addiction to drugs and alcohol occurs because these offer a debased form of altered consciousness. A healthier means of accessing an alternate reality is to use music. Repetitive percussion patterns shift our brain waves in such a way that we can enter a shamanic trance state.


You may be able to find a class in your area which teaches this type of journeying. If you cannot find a convenient class, you may wish to purchase shamanic drumming music online or to find a website that offers clips of such music. The monotonous, hypnotic beat becomes a vehicle that can transport you into an alternate reality.

Be sure to choose music designed specifically for shamanic journeying—it should include a “callback” section at the end. Preparing yourself for the journey Bring blankets, pillows, an eye pillow or blindfold, and a notebook and pen with you.

As far as possible, eliminate all distractions and possibilities of interruption. You want to journey when you feel relaxed and comfortable, but not tired enough to fall asleep.

You can rest on a couch or bed, or prepare space on the floor using blankets and pillows. You can go deeper into a trance state when your optic nerve is not reacting to light, so darken the room or cover your eyes with a blindfold. If you are journeying with a class, the teacher will make sure everyone is comfortable before beginning to drum.

If you are journeying on your own, turn on the music, close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths. Nature as an entry point Thinks of a place in nature where you have felt happy and relaxed. Imagine yourself visiting this area when there are no other people around. Notice if there is some natural hole or of any size—a cave, a hole in the ground where an animal might live, or a knothole in a tree.

This will be your entry point to the shamanic lower world, a realm connected to ours yet different from it.


Picture yourself moving through this opening—you may change size yourself or the hold may enlarge to accommodate you if necessary. Shamanic world You will have some sense of traveling through the portal you entered and then arriving in a different world. This world may resemble a place you know or may look entirely different.


You may find you have different abilities and a different appearance while in this place. Explore this new world, observing any creatures that you see. If one creature presents itself to you in three different ways or three different angles, this means it is your spirit animal.

The animal may resemble the one you see in everyday life or it may be a mythical creature like a unicorn or dragon. Since you are not in ordinary reality, you can approach the animal and speak with it. It may have something to tell you, or it may want you to accompany it somewhere.


Again, the laws of everyday life do not apply here—you and your spirit animal may fly through the air together or swim deep beneath an ocean for several miles. You can ask your animal about something in your life which is troubling you—but do not ask several questions all at once.


The information your spirit animal gives you may require a period of pondering for you to understand. Returning You will hear a shift in the beat of the drumming or rattling. This is your auditory signal to wrap up your journey. Shamanic music CD’s usually three quick beats which serve as a signal that the CD is close to its end. If you are taking a class, your teacher will explain to you before journey time what auditory signal she will use to alert you to the journey’s end.

Take time to say goodbye to your spirit animal, then return to your gateway from which you emerged into shamanic reality and follow the last remaining drumbeats back to where your journey began. Slowly open your eyes, and then write down what happened on your shamanic journey, including any details of what you saw or heard.


Spirit animals often speak in the language of symbols so it may take some time to understand the message you received. Regular practice The more often you go on shamanic journeys, the more natural it will feel. You will begin to have a stronger relationship with your power animal and will receive more information that may prove useful in mundane life.

Many people who practice shamanic journeying have several spirit animals as well as other guides who help them with specific questions or issues.  You will find your psychic abilities are strengthened as you deepen your connection with an alternate reality in this way.