Psychic Predictions For The US In 2022-2023


The psychic predictions for the US in 2022-2023 are a collection of the predictions gathered from psychics all around the world on the happenings in America. These predictions cut across various emergent issues like the COVID-19 pandemic, the vaccine, NASA operations, political strife, and so on. It is true that not everything about the future may be known, however, the information that is received through psychic sensation. The mere fact that it is revealed to a psychic means that the information is revealed for a reason and those who get the message have a responsibility towards reacting to the revealed events.

The spiritual nature of man gives him a connection to the spiritual world. The spiritual world is where the physical happenings are first shaped before the manifestation is affected in the physical world. This means that the activities that go on in the world are already formed in the spiritual world. The present, the past, and the future have a different conception in the spiritual realm and as such all events in the past, present and future are knowable. This is the idea behind psychic predictions. Those who think that everything said about the future is false to do so due to a lack of understanding. They do not understand the working operations that determine future and past events.

Psychic Predictions For The US In 2022-2023

Psychic Predicitions for 2022-2023 In The United States

The rise of several conspiracy theories has made it unclear what can be considered as psychic readings as distinguished from conspiracy theories that may majorly arise out of ideation. Notwithstanding, one who is spiritually conscious is able to sieve through the information out there and recognize what truths are contained in some of the postulations and broadcasts. As stated above, the psychic predictions below are a compilation of predictions from psychics all over the world.

1. COVID-19 pandemic:

Predictions on Covid In The US For 2022

The COVID-19 which pulled a lot of heat in 2020 is still making its rounds in the world as the condition in some of the countries continues to get intense. The development of newer versions of the virus and the creation of vaccines whose authenticity is questionable are major issues under discussion around the COVID issue. The major predictions around COVID in 2022 and 2023 revolve around the use of vaccines for the purpose of gathering people into one system that can be monitored by the government. The emphasis has been that the virus is a creation of a world government pushing a motion and that is why the virus remains to this day. This world government is willing to keep the virus around for a long while and during this period, efforts will be made to achieve the various underground plans which are the original intentions for its creation.

Some psychics claim that the interest of some parts of the developed nations is simply to reduce the population of the world as they see the world as their test lab for their huge projects. The vaccines on another hand which purport to be a solution to the virus are just luring people to voluntarily become part of a plan they may not know entirely about. Some of the psychics confirmed the unnecessary elongation of the COVID far beyond 2023 with the aim of getting the attention of various world economies and individuals all over the world.

2. 5G and Advanced Technology

A lot of the predictions for 2022- 2023 emphasize the rise of more advanced technology that will prove a threat to the value of humanity. The predictions stressed that the developed countries have set up private research centers where they secretly work on more advanced technologies that could endanger the human species. Some of these researches are banned researched that will pose a great threat to humanity if continued. These countries are embarking on this for the sake of power control. Some of these researches include the creation of nuclear weapons, human cloning, the advancement of humanoids (human-like robots), and so on. Despite the absence of very definite tussles between the world powers, they seem to be preparing underground to outwit their rivals in case there is a manifestation of such.

Psychics have said that 5G technology and related technologies which may prove hazardous to life will be popularized in 2022 and 2023. Society will embrace these technologies due to their benefits while neglecting their hazardous nature. This in turn will lead to a decline in the value of human life as there will be more pandemic outbreaks and mass deaths in different parts of the world. Some of the technological advancements will involve the insertion of devices into some part of the body which will give televised access to human beings as though they were machines.

3. World War 3 And The End Of The World

Predictions On World War 3 In The US For 2022-2023

The predictions about the advent of WW3 did not begin today. However, the heat of the psychic predictions increased over the years while pointing towards 2022 and 2023 as the period when all these will eventually take place. The predictions on a war outbreak are also based on the development of high-level technologies that make the world powers feel like showing superiority over other countries. After reflections on the outcome of World War 1 and World War 2, several organizations have been set up to ensure that such events do not take place in the world anymore. However, what the predictions are saying is that these groups will fail in 2022-2023 and the world will eventually fall into war again.

The psychics believe that the disintegration of major international groups will precede the war. These groups which hitherto were agents of peace would collapse and war will arise. This war alongside the eruption of various pandemics will signal the eventual end of the world. Since the different countries will make use of nuclear weapons to fight themselves, so many lives will be lost and the remaining people on earth will be affected by radiation. These nuclear weapons are capable of wiping away nations in a twinkle of an eye and have the capacity to affect neighboring environs where the bombs are not particularly used due to the high level of radioactivity.


4. World Politics and Joe Biden

Psychic predictions for 2022-2023 have revealed that America will take more steps to acquire nations into their group. The political strife will leave the shores of America and become a global tussle to know who is taking the lead. On the surface, what people will see is the struggle of Biden and other political rivals over control of America. However, what is really going on is beyond. There is a power tussle on who will lead the world. There will be several invasions into territories in the name of peacekeeping missions that end up subduing governments to put down their shield and bow to the greater powers.

What this means is that the struggle between the big individuals who have power and influence will affect a multitude because each will struggle to prove a point and this will be the exhibition of carelessness in the concerns of humanity. While the elephants are fighting, the grasses will be suffering. There will be a clash of systems. Each individual or group will create a system that will be the blueprint to taking control of major parts of the world and these will continually encounter rival parties and cancel out one another till the final point.


5. Enlightenment Amidst Materialism

The psychic predictions for 2022-2023 places emphasis on a world that is coming to great knowledge of spiritual realities. Amidst the rise in materialism, so many people are becoming aware and many more are going to become aware. Enlightenment is coming upon the earth like showers and there will be a lot of people talking about other dimensions of life and the need for spiritual practices. Rich people will denounce their wealth to follow the newly found wisdom that their wealth is preventing etc. Those who are not opportune to receive enlightenment will be lost as they see those who are enlightened as fools.

At this time, there will be more paranormal records and people will begin to manifest meta abilities that can rarely be explained by science. This will be understood by those who are enlightened but those who remain in the dark will not understand this and will continue to live as they have always done. 2022-2023 has been marked as an enlightenment period in spirituality and people can use the opportunity to raise their vibrations and embrace the spiritual realities they have once ignored.

How to Respond to Psychic Predictions

Psychic predictions are not meant to be followed solely as they are pronounced. They can simply serve as a guide as one sees some of the predictions unfolding gradually. Some people who received predictions about the end of the world sold their properties and gave out their money and they had to begin life afresh because the world did not eventually end. This shows that following psychic predictions heads-on may not be the best of ideas. It will be safer to have a waiting period of observation where the predictions only spur us to be more conscious and take necessary steps not to fall prey to some of the revealed events.



The psychic predictions for the US in 2022-2023 already have antecedents that show the high probability of the occurrence of such events. Understanding what is happening at the international level is paramount to getting the best out of the predictions. Having only a myopic viewpoint of one’s country or local environment will limit the applicability of whatever psychic predictions are received. Most times, the task of connecting the dots is the most sensitive in the understanding of psychic predictions. It is only when the bits of predicted information are collated and interpreted accordingly that they would be found relevant in the different areas. Psychic predictions have been made in several other areas and the ones listed above are just a highlight of the major areas especially those that have an international tone. Other areas include the area of religion, weather, climate, gender, etc.