Pendulum Usage 101

I started using a pendulum at the beginning of my spiritual awareness after seeing a video on how to use it. After buying and using my pendulum, I thought it was the neatest thing. A yes answer turned the pendulum one way and a no went the opposite direction. It really blew my young spiritual mind.

After using it for a while, in the process of going through spiritual learning and letting go of baggage, I started noticing something. I was completely relying on it! I remember being told not to do that but it started to become addictive.

What Was The Harm In Over-Usage?

I started noticing that my Divine guides were putting me through different lessons and tests because of this. It was actually in my highest interest to give the pendulum a break and start utilizing my intuition.

Now, I am not saying this will happen to you! We all have different things we must go through in order to learn different things on our own. I can only speak about what happened to me.

The key to all of these tools and anything we do in the physical or spiritual realm is to remain balanced. I think this is safe to say! This will help to let your natural talents develop and shine.

Well Doesn’t The Pendulum Utilize Your Energy?

Yes, it does utilize your own energy, but there are other ways of feeling your energy without a tool. It would be difficult to sense or become aware of these things if you are only relying on tools.

Does Negative Energy Affect The Pendulum Reading?

It can. And the only reason I am saying this is because it affected mine. If you are not clear and your thoughts have created negative energy, then the pendulum will definitely be affected. Negative energy appears to have a mind of its own when it comes to this tool. When you ask about a situation, this type of energy can cause interference with your pendulum reading.

It is suggested that you clear your pendulum often of any unwanted energies and charge it; just like you would for crystals. There are several ways you can clear and charge your pendulum. I will go over this in detail in another post. Briefly, you can clear and charge your pendulum through intent, the sun, salt, and other crystals that have clearing and charging properties.

How Do You Use The Pendulum?

After clearing and charging it, allow the pendulum some time to get used to your energy. Once it is properly charged, if you are sensitive to energies, you will notice the energy your pendulum holds just by feeling it.

Some people prefer to program their pendulum to go a certain way depending on the answer and others ask the pendulum what does answer looks like and what does the answer look like. I have tried both ways and prefer to let the pendulum tell me, but this is just my preference.

Once you determine the direction for a yes and no, clear your mind and hold the pendulum steady and allow it to move after asking your question.

Using The Pendulum on a Higher Frequency

When I ask my pendulum a question, I am actually asking my higher self. Here are some things you can ask before asking your question.

Is this in my highest interest to know?
May I ask this question?

Is it optimal for ___________________ , with all things considered?

If you follow this before actually gaining information, you will be certain not to cross any lines.

Getting Accurate Answers

This was already mentioned in this video, but I would like to reiterate it! The quality of your answer is directly reflective of the quality of your question. You have to consider that if you ask:

Should I go out with this guy tonight?

That a Yes does not mean that you will have a great time and that he’ll even be the best thing for you! He may be a complete jerk! The answer may be reflective of your highest interest in learning a lesson.

So consider all the factors. You are getting a universal perspective of the situation and what is best for ALL parties considered. When your higher self answers your question, it is not all about YOU anymore, it’s about the entire situation and possible lessons that need to be learned for everyone involved.

I had to actually learn this the HARD way! But it was well worth it