If You Could Ask a Psychic a Free Question.

Wow, ask a psychic a free question? That could be fun. What would I ask?

That would depend on a lot of things. Like, what area of my life am I most concerned about at the time? What is causing me the most pain? On the positive side, what is the most important to me in my life right now? Or, what has the greatest upside? I would consider all of those if could ask a psychic a free question.

What is Foremost on Your Mind?

Another approach could be paying attention to what came first to my mind when I learned of the opportunity to ask a psychic a free question. Was it my job? Or the kids? How about my relationship with my spouse? Maybe my deceased loved one? What do I really want to know about?

Serious or Just For Fun?

There are a couple of decisions to make before deciding which question to ask. First, do I really want to get something of value from this opportunity, or do I truly see it as a joke? Either answer is okay. It just helps to be clear before spending any time on it.

Do You Trust the Psychic?

The other decision has to do with trust. Before you ask a psychic a free question, decide whether or not you trust the psychic and the process of reading. You may decide you don’t have trust and you just want to test her or him to see how accurate they can be. The question you ask and how you phrase it will be different depending on our trust level.

What is Your Primary Issue?


Typically when someone is having a psychic reading or they get to ask a psychic a free question, they put their focus on major life issues. Like: romance, relationships, career, finances, family, lifestyle, and spirituality. These can be pretty broad, so the questions I mentioned above about major concerns or important events can help narrow it down.

What is Important to You?

A psychic would be able to give you some good insight about your life situation without you giving them any information first. That’s cool, and can be very interesting. You could just say something to the psychic like this: Tell me what I should know about myself. Why not just take what they give you and leave it at that? Because it is hit or miss. What they touch on may not be what is important to you at all.

Be Empowered

So the answer to that is personal power. If you get to ask a psychic a free question, and you want to get some value from the interaction, then it’s up to you to decide what is most important to you. Then you sort of taking charge of your time with the psychic by asking the question you have decided is the priority. Regardless of the answer, you will end up more satisfied with the process.


Open-Ended Questions

When we meet with a psychic, we’re really seeking insight and guidance, and not definitive answers. We’re also not seeking permission. Remember, stay empowered. You are the ultimate authority about what is right for you, not a psychic or anybody else. So do your best not to ask a question that lends itself to a yes or no answer. Keep it open-ended. You’ll get more value that way.

Okay, off the soapbox and back to the original question. If I could ask a psychic a free question, what would I ask? What would I want to know so I could feel better about my future? What would I want to know so I could feel clearer about how to handle a concern?

Here are some examples of questions to ask in the area of relationships:

What about (partner’s name) makes him right for me and what makes him wrong?

Given my current life situation, what direction can I take to attract a loving partner?

Here are a couple of examples of questions about a career:

What insight can you give me about the career path I am on?

Will taking a new position and relocating ultimately help me or hurt me?

Some examples in the area of finances:

What insight can you give me about my current level of financial prosperity and how I can improve it?

What is blocking me from getting ahead financially?

Coming up with the best question isn’t necessarily easy, but it will pay off in the end.

Will You Take Advantage of the Opportunity?

Ultimately, whatever question I would ask would depend on the circumstances in my life at that time. But I do know that if I had the opportunity to ask a free psychic question, I would jump at the chance and I would make it worthwhile.

What about you?