How to Find Love By Using The Law of Attraction

Using the Law of Attraction to bring a new love interest into our lives often involves more than just adjusting our internal attitudes, emotions, and feelings.

Most psychics will tell us that in order to change our prospects for love, we must learn to change the external conditions surrounding us as well. To be successful we must also learn how to put the right circumstances in place to create a fertile environment for love to blossom. This means also taking charge and becoming proactive participants in the world around us. To this end, here is some basic advice on steps you can take to bring love into your life:

Use Law of Attraction To Bring Love Into your Life

Choose the right environment

The place where you decide to meet a prospective love interest can greatly influence the success or failure of the encounter. One of the most important elements of any romantic encounter is finding a relaxing location that can facilitate a good conversation. Avoid excessively crowded locations that lack intimacy or interfere with your ability to have a private conversation.  Instead, select a location that sets a romantic mood such as a quiet café or restaurant. Also, try to avoid locations that may be excessively bright or have loud colors. Studies have shown that environments with bright lights or colors can be distracting and set the wrong mood for intimacy.

Dress to impress

One of the first principles of the Law of Attraction is that to make yourself attractive to others, you must first feel so yourself. To this end, your appearance is very important. Choose a style of dress that extenuates your best features and makes you feel alluring.  Don’t go overboard though by wearing too much make-up or something that may be too revealing. The key to success is to be both subtle and seductive at the same time. When you feel and look this way, others will pick up on it too.

Selecting the right music

Ludwig van Beethoven once said that: “Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life”. When it comes to the Law of Attraction, few statements can be truer than this.  Listening to the right music can be a great way to elevate your mood and sensuality. If you are not doing so already, you should set some time aside each day to absorb yourself in whichever music you find to be the most inspiring. The right music can also set the mood when meeting a romantic interest, so try to incorporate it in your activities together whenever possible.

Do the right activities together

One of the best ways to connect with someone is by performing activities together. Believe it or not, doing something exhilarating with a romantic interest can be a great way to add some additional chemistry to the encounter. This is because these types of emotions are also associated with sex appeal. One study found that couples rated their partners much more desirable when swaying on a tall bridge than when the same question was posed on a much lower and more secure bridge. Other studies have found that sweat-inducing activities by women cause them to produce naturally occurring pheromones that reinforce their sexual appeal to men

Choosing the right topic of conversation

Women are much better verbal communicators than men. This is because the speech centers in their brains are much better adapted for conversation. Men, on the other hand, tend to have a much better ability to stay singularly focused and be much better listeners if the person whom they are speaking to can capture their attention. From a stereotypical point of view, the best way to keep a man’s interest is to make sure that he can concentrate most of his brainpower on listening and occasionally speaking. To do this, it is best to stay focused on a single topic that interests him and be aware of how he is reacting to the conversation. If his attention strays during a conversation, it might be time to change the subject.

Keep an air of mystery

Don’t spill the beans about your past too early. If you have had difficulties meeting the right person or have had a bad experience in a previous relationship, this is probably not something you should disclose on the first date.  The same goes for any other personal problems you may be having. Being able to discuss these sorts of issues with your partner is essential, but it is also important to let the relationship blossom and mature to some degree before you start mentioning them. Also, never act desperate or too eager. Keeping them guessing a little about your other potential love interests makes you more desirable.

Finally, remember that the Law of Attraction is just as much about your attitude as it is about your choices and actions. To truly make the Law of Attraction work, you must manifest it in everything you do. The results may astound you when you do!