History of the Psychic Nest

The Psychic Nest Academy has been around for many lifetimes and has educated a multitude of students throughout time and space. Our academy draws its roots from a creational priesthood with an esteemed heritage, tracing back to the genesis of humanity. Our founder, Vishva Quadratus studied and later taught at the academic division of this priesthood for many centuries of his life.

He became a visionary of his time with his unique perspective on social structures and philosophy of life. Soon after he was awarded a position of leadership, a cosmic war loomed above the skies of humanity. The priesthood redirected its focus and acted with haste. We opened our doors in preparation for emergency aid and refuge for potential casualties of war.

Our appointed task in times of great calamity was to heal the wounds of humanity as fast and as efficiently as possible. But this war progressed faster than expected and the casualties who flocked to our temples were starting to need more than just physical healing, they needed healing of the soul to escape spiritual disease and in some cases, certain death.

There were not enough members of our priesthood to service the ever-increasing amounts of people who were walking through our temple doors; they were lost, alone, and afraid of eternal suffering.

Vishva heard the cries of humanity loud and clear! He proposed that the creational academy and priesthood should combine to form a brand new School of Life known as the Psychic Nest: to be Psychic meant to be knowledgeable of who you are and being in the Nest was symbolic of the cradle of life that nurtures your soul.

Under Vishvas leadership, we opened our doors anew for anyone who needed soul-healing and education. We refined our skills in the mastery of soul mechanics to help teach those in need of spiritual and genetic repair.

We also diversified our curriculum by welcoming a variety of educational studies so that our students could become not only soul-balanced but also aware of the world around them before they graduated. The Psychic Nest began as a safe haven for those who were in need of soul-healing and in the end, became a school that educates people on how to heal and balance their own souls in the most sustainable ways.

The Psychic Nest Academy was a historic landmark that was built atop the Sacred Hills of the Afterlife. The war that sparked the formation of our school was a long and treacherous one, a war that the ancestors of humanity will never forget.

It was the first cosmic war in our creation that left many friends and family disconnected from the Cradle of Life, a cosmic energy force or Source that the souls of humanity were born from. In the hopes to save those lost souls, there was a mound consecrated for each of the fallen souls to anchor them back to the Source. In the genesis of ancient human history, there were no Heavens or Underworld. There was no need yet for reincarnation and karmic cycles because all life here was infinite and vast.


The Sacred Hills of the Afterlife was humanity’s first graveyard and our priesthood decided it was the perfect place to set down the foundations of our school so that it could also serve as a meeting ground between the dead and living. We wanted to help the genetically injured recuperate from their hardships and also be a guiding light for the deceased to find their way back to infinite cycles of life.

The Psychic Nest Academy became the home of a lead education research team made of masters of many spiritual and physical arts, focused on the study of how to bring the dead back into the realms of the living. Our school gradually became a forum for academic experts from all walks of life and many of these masters joined our Academy to become Psychic Nest Educators along the way. Our founder, Vishva Quadratus created the 3-fold path that the Psychic Nest Educators would teach for millennia to come.


These three words are the basic principles of The Psychic Nest Curriculum and they have paved the road for our students to graduate from the Psychic Nest Academy knowing who they are and where they belong, empowered and beautiful from the inside and out: To be Soul-Independent is to find beauty in who you are as an individual without the necessity to cling onto others for approval and to reclaim your strength as an adult by embracing the pure lessons of your innocence. To be Soul-Balanced is to achieve sufficient physical and spiritual health, to heal from the deepest wounds that hold you back from your full potential so that you may live a balanced life filled with love and opportunity.

To be Soul-Aware is to know exactly who you are deep down inside, to accept your individuality and authenticity by reaching a state of enlightenment that promotes your true purpose and value as a creator.

The Psychic Nest Academy taught all its incoming freshman students The Psychic Nest Curriculum following the Psychic Nest Motto. Our Academy looked like a massive masonry cathedral with an appearance that was inspired by cultural architecture from all around the world. There was a campus for students on the outskirts of our edifice with gorgeous gardens and grasslands to roam safely. Our Academy was a popular destination for scholars because of the vast collection of knowledge we acquired over the ages in our very own grand library.

The most iconic features on the Psychic Nest Academy campus were the plentiful flocks of ancient birds that nestled their nests atop our tall spires and the sacred tree right across the school entrance.

Our tree was a nemeton for students to meditate under for spiritual guidance and was also the place where we held our graduations.

The first Psychic Nest Academy Seal was etched into wood that was gifted by the sacred tree to Vishva the day the Academy was built. Our Academy has many names in many languages and we have created various subschools throughout time and space that specialize in educational studies of life such as Leadership, Philosophy, Magick, Beauty, Martial Arts, Creational Awakening, and Enlightenment! Psychic Nest Academy Graduates have rewarded the opportunity to attend master’s programs at these esteemed and well-known branches of our institution.