Have You Asked Your Angels About That

Have You Asked Your Angels About That

If you have already subscribed and are following the monthly Psychic Jazz Digest newsletter, you will know that I do universal monthly readings. Last month’s reading was about staying centered amongst opposing forces. This month’s reading and many I have spoken with can attest to this, is about staying truly focused on your desired intention. The laws of attraction are really strong this month especially for those working on manifesting their desires.

It also feels like the messages that I receive from month to month sets somewhat of a foundation for the next month.

For example, I am truly focusing on making a living in Chicago, IL. I went up there the other weekend to visit my sister and I fell in love with a part of the city that embraced creative souls and true artists. Loved it!! My spirit rejoiced with every experience, and I knew for a fact I wanted to live here. I kind of knew before I visited, but visiting sealed the deal for me. I do not only feel as an artist on canvas, but also in my writing, on stage, as well as in my work. So the energies there were truly felt.

Even yesterday I felt a creativity block in writing this post. I was really struggling…lol. So what did I do? I asked the angels for assistance. Shortly after that, I get the messages: Law of attraction, visual of a singer on stage, and the words “major blogger” and “having a lot of fun”.

And to be honest with you, these all represented me. I get visual and audio messages from the Divine that are very clear many times and these were truly clear.

The message was basically telling me to stay focused on my desire in moving to Chicago, and my heart’s desires, which I feel has much to do with my purpose…HEALING. When I do the things my heart loves, my healing energy in regards to others as well as myself is magnificent.

Because I FEEL everyone else’s energies, energies of situations including my own…I sometimes ask for clarity about them. But the more I focus on the negative energies (which I am protected from), the more I draw them to me. This was what the angels wanted me to know. And…this was the message so far all month.

And with this being the message I received, I am seeing many more people saying the same thing–so this just reconfirms it.

How Do The Angels Work?

We all have guardian angels and also angels that surround us, whether we believe in angels or not. The key to angels is that they will NEVER do anything that goes against our “free will” as human beings. So even though our angels are always there, they will not intervene unless you ask for their help.

There are also archangels who are directly over the angels and represent different aspects. Archangel Michael assists with helping us with courage and strength. Archangel Raphael assists with healing. Archangel Uriel helps us with wisdom and Archangel Jeremiel helps us with our emotions.

Of course, there are many more Archangels that can assist us with many other functions as well. You can call on them to find something you have lost. You can even ask for assistance in finding compatible and suitable work.

You just have to ask and trust! That’s it. And even if you feel you don’t have enough faith or trust, then ask the angels to help you with that. It’s that simple. What do you have to lose? But once you ask for assistance, it is up to you to listen to the messages and take heed to what they are suggesting, which will help improve the situation.

The angels send us messages in a way that resonates with us. It could be a set of numbers you continue to see, something you hear on the radio and television more than once, or even messages sent through your dream state.  Sometimes the message may be in a feeling or thought that pops up in your head.

The more clear your channels of communication are (the chakras), the clearer your ability to hear what they have to say. If your question to them is, I want to hear the messages you send better, their message to you may be to let go of all emotional baggage and fears (as these clog up the communication channels).

Once we let these go, you can clearly hear the Divine in so many lovely and magical ways.

God is all LOVE and angels are merely an extension of God. God sends us the angels as Divine gifts.

All the Divine wants you to do is to give up all worries, fears, and cares to them; RELAX and let them do all the work in assisting you.

Yesterday I was struggling with my creativity; today, I am energized, have many ideas, and listening to some smooth jazz while working. What more can an artist ask for?

Kenya Lynem
“It’s not all about prediction to me, it’s about empowerment!”
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