Free Psychic Love Question About Palm reading


Palm reading is known as chiromancy or palmistry. It is the art of looking at the lines in palms to know about a person’s life. Palm Reading aims to help seekers gain as much information about their lives as possible. These are some basic instructions for seekers to read their palms. We have tried to provide you to receive a free psychic love question using palm reading but the best way to receive a free reading is to verify your account and get 10,000 free tokens on us.

Select Hands to Read

The first step is to pick up a hand to read. It is thought that women should read their right hand, and men should read their left hand. There are different ideas on this issue.


Identify 3 Main Lines

Seekers look at the lines in their palms and identify 4 main lines including the heart, head, and lifeline.
The Head Line is in the center of people’s palms. If it is short, seekers are quick at making decisions. If it is a long and straight one, which is across the palm near the pinkie, seekers are careful thinkers. They often think again and again before deciding.


If the line is broken into two, seekers are sensitive to others’ ideas and opinions. They tend to change their views and be affected by others. If seekers have a long and curved line, you are creative in thinking.


1. The Heart Line is the line near your fingers most. It can be read either from the index finger to pinkie or vice versa).


If it starts under the index finger, seekers are satisfied with love.
If it starts under the middle finger, seekers are selfish ones when they are in love, and they fall for love easily.
If the heart line is short and straight, seekers are not romantic much.
If the heart line touches the lifeline, seekers are easy to be heartbroken.
If it is curvy and long, seekers have the ability to express their emotions freely.
Seekers are good at handling their moods and emotions if their heart line parallels to the head one.
If it is wavy, it indicates that seekers have a lot of love relationships and there is an absence of serious ones.
Circles, broken lines, and smaller lines crossing the heart line indicate emotional trauma.

2. LifeLine is near the thumb. If the lifeline is close to the thumb, seekers are often exhausted. If it is a curvy one, seekers are filled with energy.


It is long and deep, it represents vitality.
If it is short and shallow, seekers are easily controlled by other people.
If it is broken, seekers have a shift in their lifestyle.
If there are circles on the lifeline, there may be some injury. Now, are you ready to learn something about your life? For further support, use one of our live spiritual guides currently.