?Discovering Your Spirit Animal

Everywhere you look, Earth is filled with wondrous, magnificent creatures. Some take to the sky, soaring up above us amongst the clouds. Others journey through the seas, oceans, lakes, ponds, or rivers, diving into the depths or swimming near the shores. Then there are those who inhabit the forests, jungles, prairies, fields, savannahs, too. But what of those who thrive in the more extreme regions: the frozen tundra, volcanoes, canyons, and beyond? Our planet consists of beautiful, profound, and fascinating animals and each has their own energetic frequency and “personality,” so to speak. We, as humans, sometimes find that we identify with certain creatures more than others. Join us as we dive into the meaning of spirit animals and how to find out yours. Want help choosing one? Hire one of our gifted psychics or mystics at Keen.com. Let’s journey onward!


What is a spirit animal? Are spirit animals and totem animals the same thing?

According to spiritualists and mystics, spirit animals are symbolic representations of one’s personality, soul, and connection to nature. Spirit animals come in a wide range—in fact, any animal, insect, or living creature can be identified as a spirit animal, although plants are often chosen less so. Building a relationship with a spirit animal can take place over time or even be revealed to you through dreams, studying, or meditating in nature. One’s “favorite animal” is not always their spirit animal. Spirit animals and totem animals are known as the same thing, just under different names.


How do you find your spirit animal?

Connecting to a spirit animal can be done in a few different ways. For instance, you can list traits of your personality that you exhibit and then find an animal that seems to exhibit those, too. Another way of choosing a spirit animal is to find one that inhabits the kinds of traits you wish to exhibit, so in a sense, you’d be taking these characteristics on.

In order to build a relationship with your spirit animal, meditation is often the best way to do so. Prayer, journaling, creating vision boards, and using sound trances can also aid you and linking more profoundly. Numerous spirit animal Oracle or Tarot decks also exist, with long lists of traits. Ultimately, connecting to nature and going out into the wilderness can also help you link with the energy of your spirit animal, although it would never be wise to actually approach a wild animal regardless if you feel a connection with it. Watching documentaries about an animal can give you further insight into its traits, habitat, lifestyle, and connection to the Earth.


Can your spirit animal be a mythical creature?

Yes! Your spirit animal can be a mythical creature. Some examples of mythical creatures follow:

  • A dragon
    • Animal Meaning: Cunning, courageous, powerful
  • A phoenix
    • Animal Meaning: Rebirth, transformation, fire
  • A unicorn
    • Animal Meaning: Lucky, mystical, innocent
  • A mermaid
    • Animal Meaning: Creative, sensual, emotional
  • A griffin
    • Animal Meaning: Wise, profound, detached
  • A basilisk
    • Animal Meaning: Fearsome, protective, ambitious
  • A fairy
    • Animal Meaning: Innocent, magical, cheerful
  • A centaur
    • Animal Meaning: Wisdom, astrology-lover, philosophical
  • A pegasus
    • Animal Meaning: Freedom, bravery, strength

Usually mythical spirit animals are not in human form, though. For instance, an angel wouldn’t typically be known as a spirit animal. They would simply be classified as a spirit that one connects to.


Are spirit guides and spirit animals the same thing?

They can be—but not always. Spirit guides may come in the form of elemental spirits, angels, ancestors, or other energetic forces. Spirit animals are usually chosen by an individual. In some cultures, mentors, gurus, or practitioners will choose a spirit animal for each person, instead of an individual choosing their own.


Can your spirit animal change?

Yes! Your spirit animal can change! This is because we, as human beings, are constantly evolving due to our experiences and life circumstances. Who we are when we are children may not always embody who we are in adulthood. If we’ve had a particularly eventful year, who we are in one month may feel vastly different in just a few months down the line. Because of this, one’s spirit animal will evolve alongside us.


Does your zodiac sign determine your spirit animal?

While many of the zodiac signs are symbolized by an animal, a zodiac sign symbol is not the same as a spirit animal. However, if someone identifies deeply with their zodiac sign’s symbol, that could also be one that they choose as a spirit animal. Remember: not every zodiac sign is symbolized by an animal. The zodiac sign symbols are listed here:

  • Aries = the ram
    • Animal Meaning: courageous, leadership, impulsivity
  • Taurus = the bull
    • Animal Meaning: Prosperity, sensuality, romance
  • Cancer = the crab
    • Animal Meaning: Sensitivity, domesticity, connection to the family and the moon
  • Leo = the lion
    • Animal Meaning: Bravery, pride, boldness
  • Scorpio = the scorpion, the eagle, or the phoenix
    • Animal Meaning: Rebirth, dark side versus the light side, passion
  • Sagittarius = the centaur
    • Animal Meaning: Philosophical nature, traveler
  • Capricorn = the goat or the seagoat
    • Animal Meaning: Ambition, diligence, perseverance
  • Pisces = the fish
    • Animal Meaning: Imagination, compassion, artistry


What are common spirit animals and what do they mean?

Remember: you don’t need a quiz to tell you what your spirit animal is! You can identify it by trusting your intuition and reading information about different ones. Here is a general list of common spirit animals and their personalities and meanings.

  • Bear
    • Animal Meaning: Confidence, strength, a grounded nature
  • Wolf
    • Animal Meaning: Instinct, social personality, cunning, and intellect
  • Butterfly
    • Animal Meaning: Transformation, metamorphosis, rebirth, playfulness
  • Fox
    • Animal Meaning: Agility, intellect, sly nature, discerning
  • Bee
    • Animal Meaning: Diligence, social activation and community engagement
  • Dragonfly
    • Animal Meaning: Adaptability, joy, light, uplifting energy
  • Hawk
    • Animal Meaning: Clear vision and insight, focus, a messenger
  • Jaguar
    • Animal Meaning: Graceful but also ferocious, strength over fear
  • Lion
    • Animal Meaning: Strength, power, domination, royalty
  • Tiger
    • Animal Meaning: Aggression, personal willpower, courage
  • Snake
    • Animal Meaning: Healing, rebirth, protection against negativity
  • Owl
    • Animal Meaning: Deep wisdom and intuition, psychic ability, nocturnal spirit, connection to the moon
  • Cat
    • Animal Meaning: Independence, curiosity, adventurous nature
  • Hummingbird
    • Animal Meaning: Creativity, responsiveness, enjoyment of life
  • Deer
    • Animal Meaning: Innocence, purity, peace
  • Rabbit
    • Animal Meaning: Fertility, luck, gentleness
  • Bat
    • Animal Meaning: Transition, change, and releasing of past habits and patterns
  • Dog
    • Animal Meaning: Friendship, playfulness, unconditional love
  • Spider
    • Animal Meaning: Patience, feminine energy, creativity, the shadow self
  • Elephant
    • Animal Meaning: Strength, power, wisdom
  • Swan
    • Animal Meaning: Grace, lover, dreamer
  • Horse
    • Animal Meaning: Sexual energy, wild side versus tamed side, primal force
  • Ladybug
    • Animal Meaning: Lucky, abundant, affectionate
  • Peacock
    • Animal Meaning: Elegance, royalty, luxury, pride
  • Turtle
    • Animal Meaning: Slowing down, patience, understanding, ancient wisdom
  • Raven
    • Animal Meaning: Mystical, dream seer, prophet
  • Turkey
    • Animal Meaning: Abundance, nourishment, sharing, satisfaction
  • Whale
    • Animal Meaning: Keeper of history, family-oriented, emotional rebirth


How can I grow closer with my spirit animal?

Remember: spirit animals are natural forces that are here to energize, empower, and inspire you. To grow closer with your spirit animal, it is ideal to do a great deal of self-reflection on the themes and personalities present in your spirit animal. Developing self-awareness and perception will aid you in better understanding yourself, others, and the world in which you live. Call on your spirit animal for strength, support, and guidance—the more you do so, the stronger the rapport can grow.

However, we at Keen.com also have incredibly gifted psychics, spiritual mentors, and practitioners who can help you on your quest to identify your authentic spirit animal. Contact one of them today!

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The concept of a spirit animal is an ancient one, dating back to the time of the Native Americans. It is believed that each person has a spirit animal that guides them through life, providing strength, guidance, and protection. Discovering your spirit animal can be a powerful and rewarding experience, allowing you to gain insight into your inner self and how you interact with the world around you.

The first step in discovering your spirit animal is to meditate and reflect on your life. Think about the things that are important to you, the things that bring you joy, and the things that make you feel connected to the world. Once you have identified these things, you can begin to look for signs of your spirit animal in your everyday life.

Look for animals in your environment that seem to be associated with the things that are important to you. For example, if you are passionate about nature, look for animals that live in the wild or spend time in nature. If you are passionate about music, look for animals that make music or are associated with music. Pay attention to the animals that appear in your dreams or visions. These animals may be symbolic of your spirit animal.

You can also look for signs of your spirit animal in your relationships with other people. Do you feel a special connection with certain people? Do you find yourself drawn to certain animals? These connections may be clues to your spirit animal.

Once you have identified a few potential spirit animals, it is important to research them and learn more about them. Read up on their behavior, habitat, and diet. Pay attention to how they interact with their environment and other animals. This will help you gain insight into what it means to be your spirit animal.

Finally, spend time connecting with your spirit animal. Spend time in nature observing them or meditating on their presence. Talk to them and ask them questions. Listen to their answers and pay attention to the messages they may be sending you.

Discovering your spirit animal can be a powerful and rewarding experience. It can provide insight into who you are and how you interact with the world around you. Take some time to reflect on your life and look for signs of your spirit animal in your everyday life. Research them and spend time connecting with them to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be your spirit animal.