Defense Against Psychic Attacks

Psychic ability is, especially in the context of defense against psychic attacks, the equation of emotion + will + focus. These three elements, properly managed and regularly exercised, equal ability. Each of these three aspects works in conjunction with each other to create energy frequencies that can be directed by the mind and therefore put to practical or defensive purposes. They all additionally have several elements to them which require some understanding. Let us take them one at a time.

Psychic Attacks

First, there is the often overlooked and poorly understood element of emotion. Believe it or not, emotion is actually one of the most powerful tools of human potential. It has been discovered that it is an emotion that directly and genetically reacts with our DNA, unlocking trigger points of possibilities . . . possibilities that otherwise would lay dormant. The modern scientific mentality encourages us to disband emotion as if to do so is part of the evolutionary process. Nothing could be more utterly false.

When talking about emotion in relation to psychic defense, there are two points of particular relevance. Those points are fear and love. Fear is a very low vibration of energy. It is the great inhibitor . . . it is disempowering, and it is, therefore, one of the primary tactics that psychic attackers will try to use against you. Do not fear! Conquer fear with understanding . . . understanding that you are far more than what might seem. Eliminating fear goes a long way towards psychic defense.

The second point of emotion is love. Here, the word love requires some explanation as it is very often misunderstood. To put it as simply as I can for this short article, and in context to the subject of psychic defense, love is compassion tempered by the necessity of righteousness. Your defense should not be out of vengeance or hatred, rather out of your need and right of self-preservation coupled with the understanding that your foe is sadly misdirected, lost, and out of control with their true nature. Do not hate, but do not confuse hatred with anger . . . they are separate things defined by intent. Anger is appropriate to injustice and can carry with it a lot of force so long as it is righteous anger not void of compassion. Anger such as this is actually born out of the base emotion of love. Maybe anger and love sound like a paradox to you, but they are indeed both compatible and moral in the careful application. Love of this variety is a strong love that will enable the active and potent psychic charge needed for defense, without sacrificing yourself to the very forces you must fight.

Now comes the factor of will, which is of course related to emotion. Will is simply the intensity of emotion. Sedate righteousness accomplishes very little, it needs the strength of will to drive it forward into materialization. Feel the emotion of your righteous defense . . . feel it with all you’ve got . . . feel it with every ounce of your body. Tone your will until you feel your intent so strongly that you know it; not just believe it, know it! The stronger your will, the more power your intent has, the better the possibility you have of creating the effect. Effective resistance to psychic attack depends on the will which can be enhanced with the passionate understanding that no one has the justification to initiate harm on another. If harm is so being inflicted, it is humanitarian justice to act to stop it. Remember the wise and famous quote from Edmund Burke: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Finally, there is the factor of focus. Without focus, all energy that you expend will be lost and chaotic. Focus directs the energy that you have built to the application of your intent. On the subject of psychic defense, the focus is either within and around you or targeted against the sender of the attack. In either case, concentrate on pushing the energy out and away from you. Start at the center of your being and/or the center of the location in which you may be experiencing a symptom such as pain, hot or cold spots, or discomfort. Start small and concentrated, then work to expand your will outward. Visually you might represent this as an acceleration of energy particles gaining density, luminance, and area as your focus and will grow ever more intense. Visually you may also picture the negative energy as darkness or redness, disintegrating on contact to your energy projection and/or being forced back. Keep pushing until you feel yourself and the area around you is cleared. If you know the source of the psychic attack you may then wish to keep pushing the invading energy towards that source . . . “return to sender”, so to speak.

It can often be useful, when clearing your energy field, to do a two-tone approach. A two-tone approach is when you concentrate on an intense field of energy pushing outward as described, but construct it more as a shell. Within the shell try to form calmer energy . . . purifying or healing energy that rebuilds and repairs any damage caused by your attacker. Most people find the focus of two dissimilar energy frequencies, simultaneously, to be rather difficult but if you can accomplish it I have found it to be rather effective. With practice, you will find the building of your energy and the acuteness of your focus will improve. At first, it might take quite a lot of effort and time to cleanse out and repel a psychic attack. Eventually, for most circumstances, you will probably find yourself able to do so relatively quickly as all factors combine like an explosion . . . vividly, potently, and encompassing larger and larger areas.

As stated in the introduction of this article, what I have described here is what I hope to be a good start. Hopefully what I have provided will at least give you some direction to work on when defending against psychic attackers. All of what I have mentioned will be covered in more detail in my upcoming book. Included in the book will also be information on how to identify the source of an attack, tactics that may be used for and against you, symptoms of a psychic attack, and much more. With that said I will close this article by saying to you: good luck, stay strong, and never lose that most precious quality that is your essence . . . humanity.