Color Divination as a Psychic Tool

Color Divination is the Art of Using Color in a Psychic Reading

Color divination is a type of psychic tool that incorporates the use of color during a psychic reading. Psychics who tend to rely on color divination are those that are capable of reading the aura and energy fields of other people. These types of psychic readings are largely based upon the various colors that are identified in their subjects. Many people claim that you must be psychic to utilize color divination, but this is not necessarily true. People use color all the time. Color can represent a person’s mood, state of mind or can simply be a means to help a person express themselves.

Color can also be used to gather a great deal of information about one’s self. Color divination is a practice whereby color can be used to help identify certain blocks or challenges. More importantly, color can inform someone about the areas in their life that need to shift or change. Working with color divination can always help you psychically tune into your own self. The more you develop this skill, the more you can begin to work with it on other people. You too can develop the intuitive skills to perform psychic aura readings. With a little practice, you soon will see color from a whole new perspective.

Perhaps the most effective approach to color divination is working with a color wheel. Color wheels can be purchased at any art or crafts store. Here’s is an exercise that can help you develop your abilities for color divination and psychic intuition.

1.       To begin, pick a number between 1 and 24.

2.       Now focus on an issue or question that you would like to get an answer to. Try to get as specific as you can. This will help you get concrete answers.

3.       Take the color wheel and examine all the colors. Put your finger on the color that speaks to you. This is the color you need to be working with today. Next, look up its color divination meaning (you can find this at the bottom of the article).

4.       Moving clockwise, count the squares that make up your number. For example, if you chose the number seven, you will count seven squares clockwise. This reveals your current challenges or difficulties.  Look up its color divination meaning

5.       Once again, count clockwise from the square you are on and with the same number you chose from the beginning. This may reveal the possible outcomes or solutions for your future. Look up the color divination meaning for this color.

Color Divination On Psychics

Color Divination Meanings

Red:  Stay grounded. You may need to take some action now. Getting into action could help you move out of your predicament quicker than you think. You also need to think about how you might be losing your focus. How might you fix this? What areas in your life are failing to get the attention they deserve?

Pink: Self-care is needed. You may be neglecting your own needs. If you are having difficulties in your relationship, remember that kindness and love can help the two of you reconnect. Perhaps you are being too critical of yourself or your partner. Pink is the color of unconditional love. Perhaps your relationship needs a more living approach.

Purple: Purple is the color of self-healing, cleansing, visualization, and psychic work.  Are you neglecting important aspects of yourself, particularly your spiritual side? Are you failing to listen to your own intuition? It’s also important to become more attentive to your health.

Light Blue: It’s time for some open communication. You may find yourself in a position where communicating with others may be the solution for your current predicaments. Don’t be afraid to express your thoughts and ideas. You need to remain open to other peoples’ feelings as well

Dark Blue: This color encourages you to find some time for yourself. This divination color represents the need to get quiet and reflect. Blue is also a great color to visualize with. If you use this as an opportunity to take some time for deep reflection, you can expect new clarity. Dark blue, when used effectively, can help people see truths they once missed.

Turquoise: Your thoughts are wide and open. This would be the ideal time to share with others. Let them know what you are thinking, and more importantly, share your visions with them.  Turquoise is a color that represents individuality and nonconformity. Focus on being yourself.

Green: In color divination, green is the color of money, prosperity, luck, and a connection to nature. If you have been struggling with your finances, you may get a change of luck. Stay close to nature and rediscover the balance within you. It’s also important to explore what is prohibiting you from becoming more abundant. Do you have any limiting beliefs?