Channeling Your Spirit Guide


Are you kidding, I can’t do that. Or that’s way too out there for me.

If that’s what you’re thinking, you’re not alone.

Before I studied this topic, I probably thought the same thing. But when I got older (notice how I didn’t say my exact age:) ) these subjects became interesting.

One day, I found myself at Borders Book Store reading a book by Sonaya Roman on the subject.



It was at a time in my life where I felt stuck and wanted answers. I had never done anything like this in my life before and I decided I’m going to channel my spirit guide I had no idea what I was in store for, but I can tell you it was a positive experience that helped me in several ways.

I’m going to tell you all about what channeling can do for you, how I did this, and how you can too on the following pages, so stay with me.

And I hope if you’re like me at that time in my life – feeling a bit out of sorts- that you won’t give up, and will give this a try. From my own personal experience, I believe it can help you find your way.

Channeling can help you remember your authentic spirit.

Before I mention how to channel, let’s define what it is.

A person that practices channeling is connecting with a highly evolved being such as a spirit guide or angel.

They are able to receive messages from Spirit for themselves and sometimes others. A person who can channel the deceased is called a medium and someone who channels the living is called a psychic or intuitive.


It’s really not that difficult to learn. All that is required is a bit of concentration and a desire to connect. But other than that you will be surprised at just how easy it is. I know I was.

Why Channel?

Benefits – There’s a lot of them!

For starters channeling helps you open yourself up to the higher realms of consciousness. You bridge a link between infinite wisdom, unconditional love, and yourself. It’s something you have to experience for yourself. It’s an amazing feeling.


It feels like you’re wrapped up in this cocoon of love, well-being, and wisdom. You literally feel like you’re taken
to another place. And that is really cool.


You will feel your spirit guide’s loving energy.


Your spirit guide, who is pure light and love radiates out beautiful high energy. And when you connect with them, you feel this loving energy. After a short period of connecting with your spirit guide, you start to feel more loving and wise.


Spirit Guide Channeling


Even if you’re feeling your worst – sad, disconnected, and wondering if you will ever feel good again after connecting with the Akasha, Angels, or your Spirit Guide you will feel good again.In short, you adopt a wider perspective about yourself, others, and life in general. Channeling your guides also helps you to grow by accelerating the lessons you came here to learn.

You’ll Learn About Yourself

Another great benefit is that you get a lot of insight into yourself. Your spirit guide teaches you about yourself but they do it in a subtle way. By following their leads and taking action, you grow and learn more about yourself.


For example, during my first or second session, I asked my guide if there was any action that I should take that would serve my highest good.


My guide, Adam, told me to take a painting class. It was one of the best things I have done. And it was funny because for years I had been getting the nudge to take an art class but kept putting it off for one reason or another.

Guidance and Direction

Your Spirit Guide will point you in the right direction.

Your spirit guide will tell you what you need at the time to best serve your needs by pointing you in the right direction and giving you guidance.

They don’t come out and tell you what to do or give you all the answers because they don’t want to take away from your own personal growth.

Spiritual guidance

For example, they won’t say, “I think you should go into accounting”, or anything like that. But they will do something better. They empower you by helping you figure out what is best for you and what you truly want to do.


Finding Your Path

Channeling can help you find your way.

The reason your guides help you in a subtle way is that they are concerned with helping you achieve confidence and independence.

If your spirit guide gave you all the answers you wouldn’t be figuring things out for yourself. You’d be dependent on them and that is the last thing they want. They are looking out for our best interest in the long run.

They have no agenda other than to see you grow.  Helping us is their whole job.