Candle Divination: The Art of Candle Reading

If you are lighting a candle for the purpose of sending forth a wish or prayer, you can look for certain signs as the candle burns to determine whether or not your request may bear fruit. The art of being able to make predictions based on how a candle burn is known as candle reading. The great thing about candle reading is that anybody can learn it and you don’t have to be a psychic to be able to read candles. All it takes is a little study, observation, and practice. Once you understand the basics, you should be able to determine if a wish or prayer will likely be answered, whether it will be delayed or have difficulties, or if it is unlikely to happen.

Candle In Window For Candle Reading

If you are unfamiliar with candle reading, here are the basics to help you get started:

STEP ONE: Candle Selection

To get the most accurate results as a beginning candle reader, it is best to start with the long-burning candles in glass containers that can often be found at Hispanic markets. Not only are these types of candles usually very affordable, but they also come in a variety of colors. Typically these types of candles will come with stickers of saints on them which can easily be peeled and removed. The glass container helps by making it a lot easier for the beginning reader to observe the way the candle burns. It also prevents the wax from dripping which can be messy, making the candle much more difficult to read. Keep in mind though that the glass container can get hot, so you should always place it on a fire-safe surface. Also, sometimes it can take five days or longer for these types of candles to completely burn. A long burn is great for beginners because the signs that you will want to read last longer and are easier to observe. You can eventually use regular candles once you become proficient at understanding and observing the signs.

You should also choose the appropriate colored candle based on your needs:

  • White should be chosen for prayer, grieving, spiritual practice, or marriage. It also can be a good general-purpose color when another color may not be available to you.
  • Black should be chosen to dispel negativity.
  • Green should be chosen to attract money or to bring a bountiful harvest.
  • Blue should be chosen for a peaceful home, good health, or spiritual or emotional well-being.
  • Purple should be chosen for mastery, conquering, and academic success.
  • Brown should be chosen to find items that are lost or for winning court cases.
  • Orange should be chosen to manifest change.
  • Yellow should be chosen to express gratitude or devotion.
  • Pink should be chosen for drawing friendship or romance.
  • Red should be chosen to bring passion, love, and sexuality.

STEP TWO: Candle Consecration

After buying the appropriate candle you will need to prepare it for burning. The objective is to psychically link your prayer or desire to the candle before you light it. To do this, hold the candle in your hand for consecration and clearly state your wish or prayer. This will charge the candle with your personal energy and intentions.

STEP THREE: Candle Lighting

The lighting of the candle itself is also an important part of the consecration. As you place the flame to the wick visualize your prayers or desires manifesting themselves in the light of the flame. Once lit, the candle should be placed in a location that is specially prepared to receive it such as an altar where you can observe it. Also, make sure that it is in areas where there is no draft so that it can burn evenly. Never extinguish or blow out your candle! You must let it burn for its full duration which is usually five to seven days. Just remember to always keep it far away from drapes, plants, and other flammable materials and to place it on a fire-safe surface.

STEP FOUR: Candle Reading

As the candle slowly melts away pay close attention to how the flame burns as well as any signs which might form on the surface of the glass. You should write your observations down. Include the time, date, and appearance of the flame, glass, and the build-up of any wax. Over the period you should develop a timeline of how the candle burns which can be linked to actual events in your personal life and how it is affecting your prayer or desire.

Here are some of the signs that you should look for as the candle burns:


  • If the glass surrounding the candle remains clean and the candle shows a steady and even burn, this usually signifies that all is progressing well and that there is a strong likelihood that your wish or prayer shall be fulfilled.
  • If the flame of the candle does a rhythmic flaring or dipping it can often mean that progress will be slow and maybe set with some difficulties.
  • If the flame extinguishes itself before the candle has completely burned then this usually indicates a negative outcome. Sometimes this can also mean that your intentions may not be pure. Are you attempting to control someone else’s free will or behavior? Or perhaps your desires are too self-serving? In such cases, you may need to examine your intentions. Although your needs are important they should always serve a universal good. Once you are clear about the validity of your intentions you can light a new candle and start over again. If your intentions are right then you may find new success, although sometimes this is not always the case.
  • If the flame of the candle emits cracks, pops, or sizzles this can often mean that spirits or ancestral guides may be trying to help you.
  • If the candle burns very quickly it is considered a probable positive outcome. However, it can also mean that the outcome may not last as long as you desire.
  • If the candle burns very slowly it also is a positive sign however it also can signify that your prayer or wish will be fulfilled very slowly and only come to fruition after a very long time.
  • If the glass shows droplets of wax running down the candle side this can signify tears and an indication of difficulties. It can also mean that there may be a period of suffering before the wish or prayer is granted.
  • If the candle wick has finished burning but has left a layer of unburned wax on the bottom of the jar, this can mean there is unfinished business that needs to be addressed before your wish or prayer can come true. If this is the case, examine your intentions and make adjustments accordingly. It can also mean, however, that you may need to be more specific in your request. If this is the case then you should go through the candle burning exercise all over again but this time with a much more clearly stated goal in mind.
  • If there is a lot of smoke created by the candle this can signify that there is trouble hidden somewhere. Someone or something may be preventing your wish or prayer from being fulfilled. In such instances, you might find that you will have difficulties in the beginning but by being persistent you will be able to overcome them in the end.
  • If the top of the glass is dirty and becomes cleaner towards the lower end it can mean that there are unknown problems that may be affecting your objectives.
  • If the glass breaks or cracks and spills wax then this is considered to be a warning sign. In such instances, you should evaluate your situation very carefully and try to make the appropriate adjustments in your life to manifest change. The good news is that most all psychics believe that we are in control of our own free will, so we still often have the power to change our own fate even when the outlook doesn’t look promising.